Top Democrat donors looking to replace Biden for 2024

 July 15, 2023

A new report from CNN indicates that some Democrats and some of the Democratic Party's top donors are looking to find a presidential candidate who could replace President Joe Biden in 2024. 

The report - Slow pace of Biden's reelection campaign feeds Democrats' 2024 anxiety - comes from CNN's Edward-Isaac Dovere.

Dovere spoke to a variety of sources for his report, including "aides of the people involved."

It would appear, based on Dovere's report, that several insiders are worried that Biden will not be able to get the job done in 2024, which is why they are looking elsewhere for a candidate who can get the job done.

"Biden won’t actually be running for reelection"

Dovere begins his report by revealing that a lot of activity is currently taking place behind the scenes.

"The conversations keep happening – quiet whispers on the sidelines of events, texts, emails, furtive phone calls – as top Democrats and donors reach out to those seen as possible replacement presidential candidates," he writes.

Dovere adds, "Get ready, they urge, in conversations that aides to several of the people involved have described to CNN: Despite what he has said, despite the campaign that has been announced, President Joe Biden won’t actually be running for reelection."

Dovere goes on to highlight the slow pace of Biden's reelection campaign. Indeed, this slow pace has caused a lot of speculation with many commentators suggesting that the slow pace may mean that Biden does not actually intend on running for reelection in 2024.

Dovere reports that Democratic insiders are also worried about the lack of activity from Biden - particularly the lack of grassroots fundraising. And, this is one of the main reasons why they are looking elsewhere for a presidential candidate.

Team Biden responds

Dovere included in his report statements from Biden's allies, who insist that not only is Biden running but that he is going to win.

Biden campaign spokesman Kevin Munoz claimed:

Democrats are unified around his historically successful agenda. Put that against the MAGA Republicans seeking the presidency, all fighting each other to the extremes on an agenda that has been soundly rejected by voters time and time again. The contrast speaks for itself.

What exactly is going on within the Democratic Party, with regard to 2024, will no doubt become clearer as the 2024 election gets closer.

The big question, of course, is "if not Biden, then who?" And, for Democrats, there is no great answer to that question.

Biden, according to Real Clear Politics, continues to dominate the 2024 Democratic Presidential primary field with, on average, a 49.6 percentage point lead over his top rival, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

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