Pelosi’s ‘stormtroopers’ tweet could be ‘libelous,’ DHS official says

U.S. Acting Department of Homeland Security Deputy Secretary Ken Cucinelli made it clear on Fox News Friday night that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and other top Democrats could find themselves in hot water legally over “libelous” comments they recently made about federal law enforcement.

Pelosi repeatedly called the camo-clad agents from various federal departments, including the FBI, ICE, and the Border Patrol, “stormtroopers” in statements and tweets, and House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-SC) compared them to the “Gestapo,” a Nazi police force famous for its brutality and force.

Portland officials, including Mayor Ted Wheeler, have complained about the federal officers being there and making arrests.

“When you see such libelous, slanderous comments from people who know better — let’s not kid ourselves, the speaker of the House knows that she is using Nazi allusions to refer to correct, professional law enforcement officers,” Cuccinelli said. “If I was a CBP agent or ICE agent, or FBI agent, and if I was an FPS agent, I might sue for libel.”

When free speech becomes libel

“The use of stormtroopers under the guise of law and order. It is a tactic that is not appropriate to the country,” Pelosi told reporters on July 16, the Washington Examiner reported.

The blatant Nazi reference was barely even noticed by the press, but that’s not surprising given that she has said and done many outrageous things without being held accountable by anyone in or out of government and the media.

It now seems almost routine to hear Democrats refer to Trump using Nazi terminology or worse. Apparently much of the public is unphased since the latest Rasmussen poll shows that his approval rating has rebounded back to a high of 49%. It had previously dipped due to a perceived lack of concern about the coronavirus.

Pelosi and Democrats seem to be largely spitting into the wind with their anti-Trump rhetoric. Everyone who’s actually listening already believes the worst about Trump, and everyone else likes Trump so they don’t believe what his critics have to say about him.

I guess Pelosi is just stoking her base, and she probably needs to do that from time to time to keep them on her side. Trump does the same thing with his “fake news” tweets, except by all standards they are more true than Pelosi’s lies.

Will federal officers sue Pelosi?

It remains to be seen whether any federal law enforcement officers will take it upon themselves to sue Pelosi, Clyburn and the rest.

Part of me really hopes someone does sue them? But the bigger part of me realizes that while Pelosi and Clyburn are railing on about how horrible these officers are, they are quietly but surely fixing the problems that Democrats have been letting fester for weeks, months, and even decades in some cases.

Trump will get the credit for any progress they make, and that’s good enough for me and a lot of Americans who know that Pelosi and the rest are nothing but windbags who haven’t actually done anything to make things better for their constituents in their entire careers.

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