Top DeSantis donors reportedly considering a move to Tim Scott

 July 14, 2023

Some key Republican donors are reportedly considering a switch from funding Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to backing South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott.

The report from Breitbart News claims some donors are concerned over the slow start by the governor and may sooner shift to someone else, with Scott as the top alternative.

The speculation

"DeSantis has failed to emerge as the frontrunner, and polls have neither drastically shifted nor are they swinging in his direction, despite his blitz of early primary states such as Iowa, South Carolina, and New Hampshire," the report noted.

"DeSantis’s campaign has also rubbed some potential supporters the wrong way because of missteps by staffers and social media 'influencers' over the past few weeks. With added concerns over potential policy differences, some backers are now looking elsewhere," it added.

The plans

"Billionaire businessman Ronald Lauder, the Estée Lauder makeup heir who supported Trump in 2020, recently flew to South Carolina to meet with Scott, the state’s junior senator and longshot presidential candidate, according to three people aware of the late June meeting," Politico reported.

"The meeting comes amid widespread angst among wealthy GOP backers about the emerging 2024 field, and DeSantis’ bumpy start in particular. Many high-dollar donors in Trump’s native New York City have tired of the former president and worry about his general election chances," it added.

The DeSantis plan

"A confidential campaign memo obtained by NBC News lays out what the Florida governor’s presidential campaign sees as its path forward: focusing on the early states, refusing to give up on New Hampshire, not yet investing in Super Tuesday battlegrounds, zeroing in on DeSantis’ biography and sowing doubts about his competitors — particularly Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C." NBC News reported.

“While Super Tuesday is critically important, we will not dedicate resources to Super Tuesday that slow our momentum in New Hampshire,” the memo states. “We expect to revisit this investment in the Fall.”

DeSantis is currently taking attacks from Democrats, fellow GOP candidates and Trump supporters. Despite the criticisms, his campaign is still in the number-two spot more than a year out from the 2024 election.

The DeSantis plan is a risky one as it emphasizes early primary states without focusing on a nationwide plan designed to shift momentum.

If successful, he could have a real shot against the former president but DeSantis will have to convince donors that he is still the guy to beat Trump.

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