Top media figures call out Andrew Cuomo for poor COVID-19 policy decisions

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is being praised for his handling of the COVID-19 crisis in his state, but Chicago Tribune columnist Clarence Page threw cold water on Cuomo’s victory lap during an interview on Friday. 

Despite the fact that Cuomo’s brother, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, is using his position at the network to gaslight the entire country about the truth of what happened in New York, there are a few that have spoken up about Cuomo’s poor handling of the crisis.

Page exposes Cuomo

Page said during an appearance on Friday’s “McLaughlin Group” that he’s “amazed” that Cuomo is receiving such high ratings after presiding over the worst coronavirus outbreak in the nation.

Page pointed towards Cuomo’s “egregious error” of ordering nursing homes in the state to accept COVID-19 patients without being allowed to test them prior to admission. Cuomo issued the executive order in late March and did not reverse it until mid-May, long after the damage was done.

According to a New York Times report published in late June, 40 percent of all COVID-19 deaths in the US could be attributed to nursing homes, and in New York, over 70 percent of the state’s more than 32,000 deaths have been linked to nursing homes. 

“Well, the nursing home deal was an egregious error, and we’ve all learned from it. It’s the kind of thing that, as I mentioned before, other folks have done in various states as we’re learning how to handle this virus,” Page said. “But I’m amazed that Cuomo’s approvals are so high.”

“Before this crisis came along, he was being talked of as dead meat as far as presidential prospects go. And then, a few weeks into the crisis, and people were talking about him being presidential material again.”

He can’t completely erase it

The media gaslighting about Cuomo’s poor policy-making decisions at the beginning of the pandemic has been wildly successful. He reached an all-time high of 87 percent approval in late March. His rating dropped to between 65 and 70 percent as the pandemic progressed, but the numbers are impressive nevertheless.

However, even Chris Cuomo’s colleague, CNN anchor Jake Tapper, was forced to question the glowing coverage of Cuomo’s COVID-19 response.

Tapper ripped Cuomo for taking a media “victory lap” last week, tweeting, “NY state has lost more than 32,000 lives to COVID-19. So while it’s great that the numbers have gone down, it’s perplexing to see crowing, Cuomo going on Fallon, etc.”

“No other state has lost as many lives, not even close. New Jersey is next with 17,000+,” he added. “Yes, this has been a major challenge for every leader, but New York’s leaders do not have a success story to tell. It’s been about missteps and late actions.”

“It’s great that the numbers have gone down, and I hope to God they stay there. But New York’s leaders were late and made many mistakes; it’s been an absolute tragedy,” Tapper remarked.

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