Top Russian coach dead under mysterious circumstances

Russian coach Igor Valentinovich Varlamov died on Sunday in one of several recent mysterious deaths taking place in the nation.

The Russian soccer player and coach was 51 years old.

The account

“The coach of the Vladimir school of the Olympic reserve and a former player of FC Torpedo died in Novorossiysk on Sunday, September 25. A tournament of the children’s football league is taking place in the southern city, the club explained to the journalist of the Day in Vladimir website,” a Russian outlet reported.

“The cause of death was not specified. It is known that the coach, who was in the hotel, did not come down for breakfast. Football club ‘Torpedo’ expressed condolences to family and friends,” it added.

The trend

Anatoly Gerashchenko, another leading Russian executive, died last week in an unexplained accident.

“Gerashchenko is at least the 10th influential Russian to have reportedly died by suicide or in unexplained accidents since late January, with at least six of them associated with Russia’s two largest energy companies,” CNN reported.

“Four of those six were linked to the Russian state-owned energy giant Gazprom or one of its subsidiaries, while the other two were associated with Lukoil, Russia’s largest privately owned oil and gas company,” it added.

The numerous mystery deaths of leaders in Russia are not a good look for Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The issue adds further complications to sanctions from nations following its invasion of Ukraine that has drawn widespread outcry from world leaders.