Top Saudi Arabian minister reveals real reason why Biden has an oil problem

President Joe Biden might act tough, but he’s completely beholden, now, to every other oil-producing country since he refuses to return America to the energy-independent state it was in under former President Donald Trump.

In a recent Fox News interview, in the wake of OPEC’s announcement that it was cutting oil production, Saudi Arabia’s Minister of State Adel al-Jubeir upended the Biden administration’s long list of excuses as to why gas prices continue to soar. 

Saudi Arabia controls about one-third of OPEC’s oil production.

Last month, when gas prices inched down from record highs, the Biden admin was quick to take credit. Now that they’re rising once again, the administration is back to blaming everyone and everything but their actions.

“With due respect”

In the interview, al-Jubeir made it clear that his position is that the United States has problems it won’t acknowledge, specifically, refining problems.

“With due respect, the reason you have high prices in the United States is because you have a refining shortage that has been in existence for more than 20 years. You haven’t built refineries in decades,” he said.

He added: “Oil is not a weapon. It’s not a fighter plane. It’s not a tank. You can’t shoot it. You can’t do anything with it. We look at oil as a commodity and we look at oil as important to the global economy in which we have a huge stake.”

“The idea that Saudi Arabia would do this to harm the U.S. or to be in any way politically involved is absolutely not correct at all.”

Biden had better act

With the midterms about one month out, Democrats are scrambling. Gas prices tend to drive elections in the favor of the party not in control.

This year, Dems were already facing insurmountable odds of keeping control of Congress. With gas prices spiking at the 11th hour, the race is all but over for them.

The only way that the Biden administration can fix the issue, or at least gain back some voter trust that it’ll do the right thing, is to push to tap America’s vast oil reserves.