Top scientists punted on COVID lab leak theory due to fear of losing funding: Report

By now, we’ve all heard most Democrats claim that they’re the party that “follows the science” as far as anything related to COVID-19 and the pandemic in general.

However, according to Fox News, it turns out that quite a bit of “science” was overlooked or outright ignored with regard to the origins of the COVID-19 virus, as a growing number of actual scientists who suggested the possibility that the virus was leaked from a Wuhan lab were reportedly shunned or intimidated by others in the scientific community. 

Top scientists from the U.S., Britain, Germany, Israel, and Australia are finally speaking out, claiming that their efforts to publish valuable research papers regarding the evidence pointing to the lab leak theory were squashed, even by fellow scientists who held the same beliefs but were intimidated or too scared to speak the truth.

Fox reported that a number of scientists who spoke to the outlet explained that while many scientists agreed with the likelihood of a lab leak, the desperation to protect funding sources resulted in a general consensus that it was better to go along with certain narratives that essentially excluded publishing research about the true origins of the virus.

Motive for silence

Some of the world’s top scientists, including German physicist Roland Wiesendanger, slammed fellow scientists who refused to dive deeper for fear of losing research funding.

“If famous and top virologists are not sticking to the truth anymore, then we have no basis in science anymore to make progress,” Wiesendanger told Fox.

He added: “There were always scientists saying that scientists should be able to do anything, whatever is in their imagination. They should be able to do this no matter what the concerns are from other scientists or the general public.”

Lord Matt Ridley, author of the book Viral: The Search for the Origin of COVID-19, said: “Senior scientists were quietly saying to me, ‘We think you’re right that it does need to be taken seriously, but we don’t say so because the funding agencies might give us a hard time.'”

In addition to the fear of losing much-needed and oftentimes difficult-to-secure research funding, other scientists reportedly hid from the truth for fear that if it was revealed gain-of-function resulted in COVID-19, the scientific community, in general, would be permanently harmed.

Can’t offend communist China

Perhaps even more ridiculous — and downright frightening — is that other scientists, publishers, and authors were afraid to put forth any research pinning the blame for COVID-19 on China for fear of harming relations with the communist nation.

“There was a concern about offending China,” said Nikolai Petrovsky, a professor of medicine at Flinders University in Australia. “And obviously, there are a lot of links with China within science, and people didn’t want to upset that relationship.”

One can only imagine how this fear of losing funding and hurting China’s feelings affected the overall approach to the pandemic. The last situation the entire world needs right now is intimidated scientists who could actually shed truth on what’s really happening. Scary times, indeed.

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