Hannity describes Biden as ‘total, complete cognitive mess’ and possible threat to national security

President Joe Biden came into office amid widespread concern about his cognitive health — and his critics seem no less concerned four months later.

In the introduction to his Fox News Channel show on Thursday evening, host Sean Hannity labeled the president “a shell of his former self.”

“Potential threat to the United States”

Asserting that Biden “was never a particularly bright or smart guy,” he identified a troubling trend over the course of the past few years.

“Was Joe Biden like this in 2016, 2012?” Hannity asked, going on to describe him as a “total, complete cognitive mess” and potential threat to the United States.

“What’s really sad is the reality is that if we can all see it, so can America’s enemies,” he added. “And we have real enemies in Iran, in China, North Korea, Russia. Vladimir Putin doesn’t respect or fear Joe Biden. In fact, none of these people do — none of these countries do.”

Hannity’s critique went on to blame Biden’s “America last” agenda for making America weaker.

‘This was putting Putin first and Russia first,” the host continued. “Last week, Russians hacked America’s largest pipeline system, causing massive fuel shortages in 17 states, all along the East Coast, up and down the East Coast. And this week, they were rewarded with their very own pipeline into Germany.”

“I urge my colleagues to join this effort”

Hannity was not the only prominent pundit to weigh in on the Biden administration’s plan to waive sanctions on the completion of a Russian oil pipeline that bypasses Ukraine to flow directly into Germany.

U.S. Sen. Kevin Cramer (R-ND) proposed legislation on Capitol Hill that would force the sanctions to be reinstated.

“At the risk of weakening America’s global standing, the Biden administration is acquiescing to a misguided German strategy, which will give Putin a grip on our allies in Europe,” the senator said. “The Putin pipeline must be stopped, and I urge my colleagues to join this effort before the administration makes the United States learn the hard way why energy security means national security.”

As for concerns about Biden’s cognitive ability to serve as commander in chief, Hannity and others have long expressed uncertainty.

Earlier this year, Hannity said that the president’s behavior was “getting a little scary,” adding: “It’s funny because the media was attacking me for saying that Joe looks weak and he looks frail and he’s struggling cognitively. Well, every day now, pretty much, when he speaks, he’s allowed to speak, he’s struggling.”

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  6. Who cares what these people make – sounds like a lot of hogwash to me and has nothing to do with the subject at hand !!! Hannity is perfectly true in his observation – what about true Americans ??? How long are they to put up with this ???

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