Trudeau’s woke dictatorship calls for heightened surveillance of ‘white supremacy’ in the armed forces

Justin Trudeau’s Canada is taking another horrifying step on its path to woke dictatorship after a new government report was released on the so-called epidemic of “racism” in the nation’s armed forces.

Taking a cue from the Biden regime, Trudeau’s military will begin stepping up surveillance of servicemembers to root out so-called “white supremacy.”

“Extremism” crackdown

A report from an “advisory panel” on the so-called epidemic of discrimination runs over 100 pages and is rife with self-flagellation about “dismantling Canada’s colonial culture,” often expressed in bizarre, woke jargon.

The silly report starts with a performative “land acknowledgment” — a nod to Native Americans displaced by Europeans — complete with an indigenous prayer (the full text of which is included in the document!) to “clear our minds, honour creation, and remember our responsibilities towards the land.”

The report describes white racism as a profound impediment to making Canada’s military more “diverse” — about 71% of Canadian servicemembers are white men — and effectively calls for treating these men like would-be terrorists, with more intelligence-sharing on the “threat” of “extremism.”

The panel singles out Christian leaders for “genocide” of indigenous people and calls for a purge of chaplains from religions that do not share the woke cult’s values of “inclusivity,” which is to say, pretty much any religion left that hasn’t already been corrupted and co-opted by woke-ism.

These wacky proposals “are only thought starters,” the report says, with the end goal being to make “extremists and racists feel too uncomfortable and unwelcome to join or stay in the Defence Team.”

What on earth?

The report declares that racism “in Canada is not a glitch in the system; it is the system,” and intentionally leaves out a clear definition of when “inclusivity” has been reached, merely stating that “equity” must become so deeply ingrained in the armed forces that “it is barely noticed.”

The advisory panel reports with appreciation that Canada’s defense leaders are “ready to feel uncomfortable” and calls on them to “sincerely and reflectively acknowledge Indigenous lands as part of their everyday protocol when addressing their teams.”

Canada’s minister of defense, Anita Anand, said that as a “racialized woman,” she is “strongly committed to building institutions where Canadians from all backgrounds are included, welcomed and empowered” — except white men, presumably.

As amusing as this nonsense might be, it’s also quite scary. After all, it was only a few months ago that Trudeau resorted to draconian steps to crack down on protesters against his COVID restrictions, even targeting their finances. Unvaccinated Canadians still do not enjoy the freedom to travel.

Even as he seeks to impose ideological uniformity on Canada’s military, Comrade Trudeau announced Monday a draconian new plan to ban handguns. One imagines the Biden regime is taking notes.

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