Trump abruptly ends press conference amid reporter’s aggressive questioning

Members of the mainstream media aren’t known for being overly friendly or polite to President Donald Trump, and that fact was on display during a Saturday press conference from the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey, when a reporter aggressively and repeatedly attempted to speak over him.

Paula Reid from CBS News quickly found out that the president wasn’t in the mood to tolerate her interruptions, as he quickly nipped her questioning in the bud by abruptly ending the event, as Deadline reported.

Reporter grills Trump

“When will this relief get in the hands of Americans who need it–what date?” Reid asked, referring to a series of executive orders that Trump signed over the weekend that are designed to provide coronavirus-related assistance to Americans still struggling from the effects of widespread economic shutdowns.

“We think it’s going to be very rapid. We want it to be very rapid,” Trump responded, adding that the funds will be distributed in “various methods.”

“You’re also expecting legal challenges with this,” Reid continued, presumably referencing comments such as those made Sunday by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to MSNBC host Zerlina Maxwell suggesting that Trump’s executive order suspending payroll taxes is something that “he doesn’t really have the authority to do.”

However, Trump responded to the prospect dismissively, stating, “No, I didn’t say that. What I said is that people can do whatever they want. I guess maybe they’ll bring legal actions, maybe they won’t. But they won’t win.”

“You’re finished”

Reid was not finished, and she persisted in her aggressive questioning of Trump, rhetorically asking, “If legal action is brought against you on this why not just work with Congress on this deal?”

“Well, I’m not saying they’re not going to come back and negotiate–they might very well come back and negotiate,” Trump said regarding discussions that broke down on Capitol Hill last week.

The reporter again asked when relief funds will be in the hands of Americans and continued speaking when the president began to answer, a fact that was clearly trying his patience.

“Excuse me,” Trump cut in. “Excuse me–it’s right there,” he said motioning to the just-signed executive orders on the table before him.

She went on to again bring up the possibility of a court challenge, and Trump fielded the question by saying that those who might file such an action would simply be engaging in “obstruction.” Yet when the journalist once more tried to talk over him, it became clear that the president had heard enough, saying decisively, “No, you’re finished,” and bringing the event to a swift conclusion.

As evidenced by the laughter and applause that immediately erupted from those assembled at the event, it is clear that the president is not the only one who has had their fill of the antagonistic and dishonest mainstream media.

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