Trump airs epic video of Biden gaffes during Nevada rally

Former President Donald Trump aired a video of President Joe Biden’s top gaffes on Saturday that has gone viral on social media.

Trump aired the video during his Nevada rally on Saturday.

The video

“We had just a little, quick video made up. Would you like to see it?” Trump said to introduce it.

“The audience cheered him on. The video included a voice saying, ‘Let’s get ready to bumble,’ in the mold of Michael Buffer announcing his famous catchphrase for wrestling and boxing matches,” the Washington Examiner reported.

The impact

“He’s shown similar clips and images at past rallies, such as his recent event in Michigan, but Saturday’s video appears to be among the lengthiest and most meticulously produced,” the Daily Mail reported.

“Raging against the Justice Department’s ongoing investigation into his handling of classified documents on Saturday night, Trump attacked Biden’s mental acuity and again accused him of directing the federal government in a politicized probe,” he added.

The latest video also continues to add to speculation of Trump running in a comeback bid for the White House in 2024.

The former president does not plan to make an announcement until after the midterms, with other potential candidates waiting to see what Trump decides before choosing whether to run.

The latest video certainly shows Biden has had plenty of stumbles during his first two years in office. The question will be whether conservatives unite with Trump to oppose him in an outcome that would be any different from 2020.