Trump ally Devin Nunes cleared to sue NBC Universal for defamation

A federal judge ruled Monday that former Republican Rep. Devin Nunes can sue NBC Universal for defamation.

Nunes filed the lawsuit against NBC Universal in 2021 over comments by MSNBC host Rachel Maddow about his alleged relationship with a Russian agent.

The complaint

“The complaint filed by the Nunes legal team alleged MSNBC and Rachel Maddow knew that the package had been given to the FBI but chose to instead ‘inflict maximum pain and suffering’ on Nunes to harm his reputation,” Breitbart News reported.

“The 22-page decision issued by U.S. District Judge Kevin Castel argued that Maddow failed to cite any source for her claim against Nunes,” it added.

Reason also noted the details of the events that took place in 2019 related to the allegations.

“On December 11, 2019, a package was delivered to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence …, of which Nunes was Ranking Member. It was addressed to Nunes from Andriy Derkach and was handled solely by Nunes’ staff and delivered, unopened, to the offices of the FBI.  That same day, Nunes sent a letter to Attorney General William P. Barr advising him of the receipt of the package.”

“In the March 18, 2021 broadcast of The Rachel Maddow Show, host Rachel Maddow discussed the declassified DNI Report as part of a longer segment about Derkach, Russian disinformation and election interference,” it continued.

“Maddow referred to the report and discussed the package addressed to Nunes, as well as the interaction between Nunes and Maloney at the Intelligence Committee meeting. Maddow said that Nunes had accepted a package from Derkach and refused to answer questions about the package. Maddow also said that Nunes refused to hand the package to the FBI.”

The accusations

“For the past year, Nunes has attempted to file a lawsuit for his allegation that Maddow smeared him over his dealings with Andriy Derkach, a Ukranian legislator who has been sanctioned by the U.S. government for being a suspected Russian agent,” Mediaite reported.

“The commentary relates to an incident back in 2019, when Nunes’ office received a package from Derkach while he was ranking member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence,” it added.

The lawsuit will now move forward with Nunes seeking an award for damages over the longtime matter.