Trump predicts ‘AOC will run against Chuck Schumer’ – and win

President Donald Trump thinks Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) will soon be quitting her job as a member of the House for a position elsewhere on Capitol Hill.

According to Breitbart, Trump reiterated on Thursday his prediction that the outspoken freshman congresswoman is teeing up a 2022 primary challenge against Sen. Chuck Schumer, the New York Democrat who currently serves as the Senate’s minority leader. And the president thinks that’s a battle that AOC can win.

“In my opinion, AOC will run against Chuck Schumer for the Senate,” Trump said, according to Breitbart. “And I think she’ll win.”

“She goes out and she yaps”

As Breitbart reported, Trump’s prediction came during a wide-ranging interview Thursday with Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo. There, Trump said that if Joe Biden wins the White House this November, he’ll raise taxes on the American people to pay for progressives’ outlandish policy plans.

“He is going to give not tax increases, [but] massive tax increases to pay for AOC’s plan,” Trump said, according to Breitbart. He went on to note that Ocasio-Cortez was “a poor student,” apparently suggesting that she hasn’t thought through her costly ideas.

“I mean, I won’t say where she went to school, it doesn’t matter,” Trump said, according to Breitbart. “This is not even a smart person, other than she’s got a good line of stuff. I mean she goes out and she yaps.”

“He’s going to get beaten”

Still, Trump said establishment Dems like Biden are “all afraid of” the 30-year-old congresswoman. “Because if you notice all of these progressives are beating the regular Democrats,” Trump said, pointing to a string of primary victories for AOC-backed progressives over more moderate incumbents, including long-serving New York Democrat Eliot Engel.

“Poor Eliot Engel… He got whipped out,” Trump said, according to Breitbart. “So these people are [scared], and Schumer’s going to get beaten. Yes, and Schumer’s going to get beaten by her, she’s going to run against Schumer. And he knows that, and he’s going to get beaten by her unless he can talk her out of doing it, he has no chance.

“Of course, she’s done so many bad things who knows whether or not she’ll get there,” the president added of AOC.

“Loser has to fund the Post Office”

This isn’t the first time Trump has suggested that AOC will challenge and defeat Schumer for his New York Senate seat; according to The Hill, Trump suggested in June that Ocasio-Cortez would actually be a “big improvement” over her Senate colleague. He made a similar prediction back in February following the failed impeachment effort against him that was led in the Senate by Schumer.

As for Ocasio-Cortez, the Daily Mail reports that she has declined to address rumors that she will eventually challenge Schumer, but she did push back against Trump’s assessment of her as a “poor student.”

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