Trump State Department appointee arrested for participating in Capitol riot

A Trump State Department appointee was arrested Thursday for involvement in the Capitol riot on January 6 after he was identified from photos and police bodycam footage.

Federico Klein, 42, was charged with assaulting a police officer, interfering with police during civil disorder, and obstruction of Congress and law enforcement in connection with the riot.

“We need fresh people, we need fresh people,” Klein says in the body cam video as he tried to break down the Capitol doors with a riot shield.

Two tipsters identified Klein from FBI photos and called the FBI to report that he was the one in the photos.

Klein employed in Trump administration

Klein worked at the Office of Brazilian and Southern Cone Affairs at the State Department at the time of the riot. He resigned on January 21.

He is the only Trump political appointee to be arrested for participation in the riot so far.

Klein appeared in court on Friday and complained that there were cockroaches in the cell where he had been kept overnight. U.S. Magistrate Judge Zia Faruqui said the conditions would be addressed and that Klein would likely be moved later on Friday.

No plea so far

Klein did not enter any plea on the charges on Friday, which the judge said could get him up to 20 years in prison.

He said he had not been able to hire a lawyer from his cell. “It’s really impossible to do anything from my cell at this point,” he said.

Prosecutors asked that Klein be held in custody pending trial, but Faruqui apparently had other ideas. After all, Klein is not being charged with murder and does not have a pattern of dangerous behavior.

The judge set a bail hearing for Tuesday. “I don’t want you to just be on hold, in purgatory, while you sort out your counsel,” she said.

So far, 275 of the 540 individuals suspected of being part of the Capitol riot on January 6th have been arrested for their involvement. The FBI said in January that they had received 140,000 photos and videos from the public about the riot and were considering filing charges of seditious conspiracy against some who were involved.

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27 Responses

    1. I agree with holding Pelosi responsible! I saw online that she opened an outside door for people to get in!

      1. All of the Dems created the riot at the capitol. Now they will try to say it was people that supported Donald J. Trump. All they know how to do is lie about everything that makes conservatives look bad.

      2. C . too bad these people entering the White House didn’t get a hold of Pelosi, it would have been a favor to us.

    2. Agree and what about the other rioters that destroyed and burned towns down set church on fire destroyed courthouse but then they were Democrats. Harris is bailed some out.just shows you how corrupted this government is.

    3. Adolf Hitler burned the Richstag and blamed the jews.
      The DAZI’s embellish the seriousness of a demonstration to blame the American Conservatives, i.e. the white people are the villans.

      Get ready to go to the gas chambers!!

    4. well you know that the Democrats are above the law only Republicans have to follow the law they will do nothing to Pelosi, SHE SHOULD BE REMOVED FROM OFFICE SHE IS NOT FIT TO BE SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE. SHE SHOULD BE IN PRISON FOR TREASON

  1. How much did Pelosi pay Jen Krausz is a Conservative Institute staff writer.
    to participate in her the Pelosi attack. A couple of hundred. The idiot was a fake Trump anything, money was more important. Ok moron, one way ticket to Communist China, you have no choice. Bye.

    1. There isn’t anything evil democrats and Pelosi in particular will not do to achieve their goal for absolute power forever!!! Including destroying our country and jeopardizing the safety of our country and American people!

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  3. How about arresting K. Harris for setting up bail money to pay out rioting many times for same person. She should b charged for paying out people so they can keep getting out to riot over again & again. They call this PEACEFUL protesting, burning building causing & bodily harm

  4. She even had a degree in English, but zero common sense. Go see Dr Biden for advice, she’s really intelligent, she has a PhD in English. The big mistake was leaving her first husband and children for Biden the boob.

  5. Of course, you worked at Newsmax, hope you get a few years behind bars. Felonies usually carry 10 years in prison lier.

  6. Figures, is anyhone surprised that Pelosie is somehow involved in this mess, it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out how easy these folks were absolutely let IN!

  7. It.s plain to see all of the investigations only seem to handpick someone that happens to be a Trump

    It’s plain to see all of the investigations are being conducted and reported on Trump supporters and the real instigators are being covered up by the democrats. It doesn’t take but a few paid trouble makers to infiltrate a peaceful group making a legal protest turn violent. If the investigators would tell the truth and report the real trouble makers you would find out the real trouble makers were hired and paid for by the democratic party.


  8. MSM, doing their thing as usual with negative emphasis always on Trump.
    540 suspects and 275 arrested and not one prominent Liberal mentioned. That’s the FBI for you.
    Damn right Americans angry at Election results, what’s wrong with that?

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