‘Where’s Durham?’: With no report yet, Trump wonders if investigator is still ‘living, breathing’

In a hilarious yet serious press release, former President Donald Trump asked the one question that remains on the minds of many of his supporters: “Where’s Durham?”

According to Fox News, Trump was referring to former U.S. Attorney John Durham, the man chosen by former U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr to lead an investigation into the origins of the special counsel investigation launched against Trump in the early days of his presidency in an effort to determine if Russia colluded with his campaign to win the 2016 election.

Trump released the statement from his Palm Beach, Florida-based Mar-a-Lago office on Friday.

“Where’s Durham? Is he a living, breathing human being? Will there ever be a Durham report?” Trump wrote in the statement, which was shared in a tweet by former Trump attorney Jenna Ellis.

A small victory

For many Americans, Trump’s questions are legitimate, especially considering the fact that Durham’s investigation has been in process for nearly two years with seemingly little to nothing to show for it.

As Fox News reported, Durham experienced a minor victory in the probe with the prosecution of a former lawyer with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) named Kevin Clinesmith. Clinesmith admitted to doctoring a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) email in order to secure authorization for a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) wiretap of former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page. For that, Clinesmith only received one year of probation.

Recently, former Trump administration trade adviser Peter Navarro predicted that Durham will make at least three more indictments before his investigation comes to a close.

“There will be indictments, I will guarantee that, at least three indictments,” Navarro said during an appearance in early March on Fox News’ Sunday Morning Futures, according to Newsmax. Navarro also predicted that “there will be people that are going to be forced to leave the FBI because of their complicity in what happened.”

It’s not over yet

Initially, there were concerns that Durham’s investigation would be upended by newly-installed officials at the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) after President Joe Biden was sworn into office.

It briefly appeared that was happening in late February when Durham announced that he was resigning from his U.S. attorney post. The resignation came at the request of the Biden administration.

Luckily, Barr’s decision to make Durham a special counsel investigator prior to his departure from Trump’s DOJ has served to offer an added layer of protection for Durham’s investigation. Reports indicated that Durham has been allowed to continue in his capacity as special counsel.

Only time will tell how the investigation ultimately plays out, but there is still hope that Durham will bring those behind the Russia collusion hoax to justice — although at this point, it certainly seems like a lofty goal.

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16 Responses

  1. He’s hiding on the boarder where news media can’t get to him communists way of doing things Hunter Biden is there as we’ll but be careful he maybe armed with an illegal 38 revolver I’m sure intelligence gave it back to him he’s not subject to the laws we are

  2. Unfortunately everything the Dems did from the time Trump announced he was running for President until the day he left the White House, they will get away with. The Dems have cheated their was through the entire election from 2016-2020 and pulled every illegal way to do it. No one has been held accountable for what these done. I’d like to see Trump take these jackals to court. Make sure the Judge isn’t a democrat!!!!

    1. The military needs to judge this before the people and the constitution that they have sworn their oath to preserve protect and defend no longer exist and I swear under oath and Semper Fi maam that if they don’t that this Marine will have to become locked and loaded again and show these kids playing video games with drones how it is done and I pray to GOD that that will not be necessary and maam I don’t believe it will be I believe they got this

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  4. Well, yes and the 3 indictments, should be Obama, Biden and Clinton. There should be more though.

  5. Forget it, Durham already has wasted what 2 years and probably a few million dollars while lining his own pocket and that’s all he’s come up with, a 1 year suspended sentence of an FBI lawyer for lying to get a FISA warrant! For 4 years and all the treasonous crimes toward Trump and this shows that the dens are still in charge. The only thing Durham has going for him is that he is one ugly scary looking dude who needs no mask for Halloween!

  6. I sure hope he investigates the gal who is BO,s right arm and
    wing man Eric Holder also Susan Rice

  7. The DEMS must have a very large photo album or tapes on the people in DC . There has been so many DEMS getting away with almost every thing that the ordinary people would be seating in jail.

  8. “The Amazing Disappearing Durham, Now You See Him, Now You Don’t!” He was there but no one ever actually saw or heard him! He should have been called, “The Shadow!” “He Was Able To Cloud Men’s Minds So They Couldn’t See Him, He Knew The Evil That Lurked In The Heart’s Of Men Oh, And Women Too!” He also, “Trumped, Trump!” What a, “Shyster Durham Is!”

    1. I don’t know what you mean by Trumped, Trump, but I am sure Durham was actually in the cahoots with the Dems, as was his boss, Barr, I totally expected his disappearing act, like Barr he has done nothing. That was always the trouble, everyone who is involved in Washington belongs to the Deep State. The minute Trump won the election, in 2016, the Deep State started working against him. The only one in the Attorney Generals Dept. I thought was decent was Matthew Whitaker.

  9. I am afraid that the Durham investigation is going to turn out to be another nothing burger. Another long drawn out waste of time and money. People who should be prosecuted, will not be. Lots of talk and no action. I have lost confidence in all of these much publicized “investigations” which lead to nothing.

  10. Corruption is the name of the game in America and it starts at the SCOTUS and it is like a decease which infiltrates the SWAMP and it will never be cleaned up.

  11. I would say he’s hiding out. His investigation might have exposed certain players where his life would be in danger.

  12. Why pay taxes, they never get spent to do the country any good! DemoRATS and the Deep State, control the Communists in the Deep State, Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Shummer, Shift and anyone else that has a (D) behind their name. They are all a DISGRACE to the USA and the Constitution…..

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