Poll: Trump closes in on Biden in battleground states

A new CNN poll has some stunning news for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his allies.

President Donald Trump is catching up with his rival in the battleground states, and he is also closing in on Biden nationally, according to a survey taken last week.

Poll: Trump catches up to Biden

Trump has trailed Biden in the polls, including in battleground states, encouraging Democrats as they seek to unseat him following four years of restless political agitation.

But Trump’s position appeared to strengthen in recent weeks, and there’s a new poll out from one of the president’s top foes to prove it. Taken last week, the CNN poll finds that 49 percent of voters in 15 battleground states like Arizona and Florida support Joe Biden, compared with 48 percent for Trump. The margin of error for the sample population is 5.4 percentage points.

Trump is also catching up with Biden at the national level, trailing his rival by just four points, which is almost within the margin of error. That’s a big improvement since the last poll in June, when Biden was leading Trump nationwide by 14 points. The president gained the most support from men, independents, and people aged 35 to 64.

The CNN poll came as a shock, especially considering that the source is seen as trusted and prestigious by Democrats, surprising even Trump.

“What’s with @CNN POLLS increasing me by 10 points in a short period of time. Maybe they want to take over from @FoxNews!” Trump tweeted Monday.

Trump goes on the offense

The poll comes as Trump is making a blitz through battleground states this week, namely Minnesota, Wisconsin, Arizona, and Pennsylvania, in response to the Democratic National Convention.

Biden will accept his party’s nomination for the presidency on Thursday, from his home state of Delaware.

Trump has sought to attack Biden as a “puppet” of left-wing extremists who want to sow discord, kill unborn babies, confiscate firearms, and effectively end immigration enforcement, while Democrats at the convention have painted Trump as a divisive and incompetent figure.

This is just the latest poll suggesting that Trump’s position is improving, although others paint a less rosy picture. Two polls released by ABC/Washington Post and CBS/YouGov last week found Trump trailing by 10 points, and a RealClearPolitics average finds that Trump is down by 7.7 points, as of Tuesday.

Nevertheless, this is some very encouraging news for Trump and his supporters.

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