Report: Trump bests Biden in July fundraising, gains ground in the polls

The latest numbers show that July was a profitable month for President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign.

According to a Thursday report from the Daily Caller, Trump is destroying presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden when it comes to fundraising. Citing The Washington Post, the Daily Caller reported that “[t]he Trump campaign and the RNC raised $165 million last month compared to Biden’s $140 million.”

Trump also bested Biden the month prior, pulling in a full $10 million more than Biden’s $131 million, according to the Daily Caller.

Voters invest in Trump’s success

In a press release Wednesday, Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien pointed to voter enthusiasm as the likely explanation for Trump’s fundraising surge.

“The enthusiasm behind President Trump’s re-election continues to grow as July’s massive fundraising totals prove,” Stepien said, according to the Daily Caller.

He went on: “Voters express their support for President Trump in many different ways and donating to his campaign is one of the most personal, because they feel invested in his successes and the future success of the country.”

Stepien also revived on Wednesday repeated criticism that Biden has been largely absent from the campaign trail, ostensibly due to concerns over COVID-19. “The President’s support continues to increase while Joe Biden just posted a down fundraising month from his basement,” the Trump campaign manager said in his statement.

Trump gains ground in the polls

Perhaps the former VP’s absence also explains his faltering numbers in the polls. Fox News reported Friday that Biden’s once-strong lead over Trump is narrowing, both on the national and state levels.

Indeed, RealClearPolitics puts the president’s national polling deficit at just around six points, a significant improvement from where it stood — at nine points — just one month ago.

What’s more, Trump has made up ground in the critical swing state of Florida, where he now trails the former vice president by four points rather than the previous six.

Also improving is the president’s standing in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania; he is now behind his Democratic rival in both those states by just five points, according to Fox. Notably, both were long considered to be safely in the Democrat column before Trump managed to turn them red in 2016.

If the president can keep up numbers like these, he won’t have much to worry about come Nov. 3.

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