Trump blows up at mainstream media for not covering the Cayler Ellingson killing

According to Fox News, former President Donald Trump on Friday went off on mainstream media outlets for essentially ignoring the Cayler Ellingson case. 

Ellingson is the 18-year-old from North Dakota who was allegedly killed by 41-year-old Shannon Brandt over a political disagreement. Brandt has allegedly claimed that he hit Ellingson with his car because he thought that the teen was part of a Republican extremist group that was “coming to get him.”

This claim, however, has been seriously called into question.

North Dakota Highway Patrol Captain Bryan Niewind has recently stated that there is “no evidence” to support the claim that Ellingson was part of a Republican extremist group.

Mainstream media silence

By now, we know what happens when something doesn’t fit the mainstream media’s narrative: they ignore it.

Here, the political left’s narrative is that it is the Republicans who are the violent extremists, not the leftists. And so, the mainstream media hasn’t provided much coverage of the Ellingson case.

Fox News reports that some top news outlets, such as the Washington Post, have run one story on the Ellingson case, while others, such as the New York Times, have run none.

Trump: “It’s a disgrace”

During a rally in North Carolina on Friday, Trump condemned the mainstream media for lacking coverage of the Ellingson case.

“Just recently, a young 18-year-old man from North Dakota  … was targeted and killed, run down in cold blood with an SUV by a radical left maniac,” Trump said. “This guy ran him down and not one mainstream media network has even mentioned this horrible crime.”

The former president, here, encouraged listeners to consider what would have happened had the situation been the other way around, had someone on the political left run over someone on the right over politics. “it would be the biggest story you’ve ever seen,” Trump argued.

Trump called the mainstream media’s lack of coverage “a disgrace,” saying that the mainstream media ought to be “ashamed” of itself.

“Our hearts go out to the parents and the friends,” Trump concluded. “This young boy, this was a young man. Wonderful, with a great future. And I’m just telling you, just so handsome and so beautiful and so great. And he got run down by a radical left nut job here.”