Trump campaign says Biden is now ‘scrambling to hit the campaign trail’

Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden may have made a fatal mistake by “hiding in his basement” for much of the 2020 campaign season, a Trump campaign spokesperson said, and now, “he’s scrambling to hit the campaign trail.”

According to the Washington Examiner, those remarks came from Trump campaign deputy national press secretary Samantha Zager after Biden announced plans Thursday to “appear beyond virtually, in person” at campaign events ahead of November’s election.

Reports had indicated as recently as last week that Biden may not appear in person on the campaign trail at all, citing concerns about COVID-19.

The Trump campaign, for its part, is viewing Biden’s reversal as proof that the president’s strategy has won out over “basement” campaigning, the Examiner‘s White House correspondent, Rob Crilly, wrote Friday.

Time for a new strategy?

According to a separate report from the Examiner, Biden’s Thursday announcement indicated that he would be hitting the campaign trail after Labor Day.

“I’m a tactile politician,” the former vice president said, as the Examiner reported. “I really miss being able to, you know, grab hands, shake hands. You can’t do that now. But I can, in fact, appear beyond virtually, in person, in many of these places. That’s what you’re going to be seeing after Labor Day.”

It’s a change from what Crilly described as Biden’s “basement strategy.” And the Trump campaign apparently took notice.

Trump campaign takes notice

“Joe Biden thought he could insult the intelligence of the American people by hiding in his basement and letting the mainstream media do his campaigning for him,” Zager said in response to Biden’s announcement, according to Crilly’s report. “He was wrong.”

The Trump campaign spokeswoman continued:

Now that [Biden’s] scrambling to hit the campaign trail after seeing the organic enthusiasm for President Trump and the effective stories from real Americans at the [Republican National Convention], it’s clear he was using COVID as an excuse to avoid answering for his abysmal record.

Zager also said the Trump campaign is glad Americans will get “to see the real Joe Biden” once he hits the road.

“We’re excited for Americans to see the real Joe Biden because once they do, they’ll reject him in favor of four more years of President Trump,” Zager declared, according to the Examiner.

It will certainly be interesting to see Biden outside of his home studio and back in the spotlight. Before bunkering down this spring, it seemed as though the former VP couldn’t get through a speech without a gaffe. Only time will tell if the trend continues.

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