Trump campaign says Florida 'among the worst' states to live in

 April 24, 2023

While Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis has yet to announce any plans to seek the Republican nomination, that hasn't stopped former President Donald Trump from going after him, with the latest example coming on Friday.

In what may come as a shock to many members of his own party, Trump argued that Florida is "among the worst" states to live in.

Trump spokesman says DeSantis has presided over "misery and despair"

According to the Herald-Tribune, that allegation was put forward in a campaign email released by Trump spokesman Steven Cheung.

"The real DeSantis record is one of misery and despair," Cheung said. "He has left a wake of destruction all across Florida and people are hurting because he has spent more time playing public relations games instead of actually doing the hard-work needed to improve the lives of the people he represents."

"Under Ron DeSantis, Florida has become among the worst states… to live… find economic opportunity… work… retire… raise a family… pay taxes…be safe… rent a home… have a baby… afford energy… die… be a teacher… be a doctor… be a police officer," Cheung insisted.

The Herald-Tribune pointed out that Trump's most recent attack against the Florida governor did not go unanswered.

DeSantis backer mocks Trump for praising Gavin Newsom

Chris Jankowski serves as CEO of the pro-DeSantis super PAC Never Back Down, and he responded with a statement which brought up positive comments that Trump made about California Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom.

"I used to get along great with him when I was president. Got along really good ... Gavin," Trump told Fox News host Tucker Carlson earlier this month.

"He was always very nice to me, said the greatest things," the former president recalled, adding, "He would say things like, 'He's doing a great job.'"

"Donald Trump has so deeply disparaged the state of Florida by calling it 'the worst state,' we at Never Back Down will help him leave by offering financial assistance to help him move to his beloved California, so he can be close to his good buddy Gavin Newsom, whom he loves so intensely and gets along with so well," Jankowski was quoted as saying.

"The good news is that since so many people are moving to the state of Florida, thanks to the incredible success of Governor Ron DeSantis, no one will notice when Trump leaves," he continued.

Townhall columnist "disappointed" by Trump's remarks

"The state of Florida will be better off when Trump takes his Soros-fueled, dumpster fire of a campaign to San Francisco, where it will fit right in," Jankowski concluded.

Jankowski was not alone in condemning Trump's remarks about Newsom, Townhall columnist Kurt Schlichter took issue with them as well.

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