Trump: ‘Of course’ China wants Biden to win

Joe Biden is China’s handpicked stooge, President Donald Trump claimed Monday.

The communist nation wants the Democratic presidential nominee to win the presidential election and is actively trying to make it happen, according to an article that Trump shared.

“Of course they want Biden”

In a tweet linking to a Breitbart piece, Trump said that China would “own” America if his rival were to win.

“Of course they want Biden. I have taken $Billions from China and given it to our Farmers and U.S. Treasury. China would own the U.S. if Biden & Hunter got in!” Trump tweeted.

The article quotes China expert Gordon Chang, who claims that Beijing is trying to help Biden and “make life very difficult” for Trump by stoking Black Lives Matter protests.

“From what little evidence we have about China’s troll-farm activity, with its bots and with all of its others, they seem to be favoring Vice President Biden, trying to make life very difficult for President Trump — as well as fueling the protests, of course,” Chang said. “I think that Beijing has decided that it’s voting for the Democratic Party candidate.”

President Trump has often attacked Biden as a career politician who spent decades in Washington selling out American interests to China, while enriching himself and his family with corrupt business deals.

China or Russia?

The president has taken particular aim at Biden’s role in normalizing trade relations with China, which set the stage for the nation’s meteoric rise, as well as a private equity deal that his son Hunter signed with the Bank of China when Joe was vice president.

While Biden has recently tried to sound tougher on China,  Trump has kept on the attack, slamming his “economic treachery” to American workers in a Labor Day speech.

“If Biden wins, China wins, because China will own this country,” Trump said. “Today’s Labor Day — it’s a good time to talk about where we’re being ripped off by countries, but nobody’s even close to China.”

U.S. intelligence have warned that China wants Biden to win because of Trump’s “unpredictable” nature.

Attorney general Bill Barr and national security adviser Robert O’Brien have warned that China poses a graver threat to the election than Russia, but Democrats disagree, insisting there is no parallel between the two.

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