Trump claims George H.W. Bush hid secret documents in a Chinese restaurant

Former President Donald Trump claimed that the late former President George H.W. Bush hid documents in a Chinese restaurant.

Trump shared the comment during a rally in Mesa, Arizona, on Sunday.

The claim

“Trump then falsely claimed that former President George H.W. Bush, ‘took millions and millions of documents to a former bowling alley pieced together with what was then an old and broken Chinese restaurant. They put them together. And it had a broken front door and broken windows. Other than that it was quite secure,'” Insider reported.

“Trump also questioned why Bush, among other presidents, was not being prosecuted. The former President died in a Houston hospital from a blood infection in 2018 after his wife, Barbara, died months earlier,” it added.

Jeb steps in

“I am so confused. My dad enjoyed a good Chinese meal and enjoyed the challenge of 7 10 split. What the heck is up with you?” tweeted Jeb Bush on Sunday.

The former Florida governor added his remarks to the confusion by many over the odd comments following the FBI’s raid of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home.

Trump’s effort to stump for Arizona conservatives was largely positive, but his strange remarks about the late Bush gave his opponents a new topic to criticize that was simply unnecessary.

With the election less than a month away, it won’t be long before voters get to decide who leads the nation, with Republicans expecting a major surge in power in Congress.

A red wave may also be the next step in Trump choosing whether to run for president again in 2024.