Trump clarifies remarks media characterized as encouraging people to vote twice

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany made it clear on Thursday that contrary to press coverage, President Donald Trump was not telling people in North Carolina to do anything illegal when he encouraged them to fill in their absentee ballot but also go to the polls to vote. 

Trump said on a visit to North Carolina that if people vote absentee, they should then go to the polls and try to vote again to see if their absentee vote was tabulated.

“The president is not suggesting anyone do anything unlawful. What he said very clearly there is make sure your vote is tabulated and if it is not, then vote,” McEnany said on Fox News.

“Basically, when you get an absentee ballot and you send it in, there are poll books and it is recorded that you have in fact voted,” McEnany continued. “And if you show up at a polling site, they look at the poll book and say your vote has been counted. He wants verification.”

Press claims Trump telling people to vote twice

Numerous mainstream press outlets reported his comments as telling people to vote twice, of course.

“Trump says North Carolinians should vote twice – despite it being illegal,” wrote the Guardian.

CBS News headlined, “President Trump suggests supporters illegally vote twice to test mail-in vs in-person.”

And Slate joined in, “Donald Trump’s Encouragement to Vote Twice Could Cause Election Day Chaos.”

Liberal press decries risk of voter fraud

Of course, these same media outlets have said that there is no voter fraud to worry about with mail-in ballots, while at least one Democrat described in great detail to the New York Post how he and others changed large quantities of mail-in ballots and sometimes threw them in the trash.

The sad fact is, even if you do go to the polls to verify that your mail-in vote was tabulated, you won’t know for sure that it was really your vote they tabulated.

The best thing to do, as Trump has been saying all along, is to just vote in person on Election Day if at all possible.

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