Trump Co-defendant Pleads Guilty

 October 1, 2023

Wow, this might not be a good sign for Donald Trump.

A co-defendant in his Georgia election case has made a plea in their trial:


Scott Hall, who faced seven charges in relation to a Coffee County election office, became the first out of the 19 people charged in the case to accept a plea deal.

Hall did so before Judge Scott McAfee.

Despite being charged with seven charges, Hall, who owns a bail bond business, only pleaded guilty to five of them.

Five is still a big deal.

The Judge wanted to make sure that Hall was sure about his decision:

"You understand that you’re pleading guilty today because you believe there exists a factual basis that supports the plea, and you are pleading guilty because you are, in fact, guilty?"

Hall was fined $5,000 and was sentenced to one year of probation on each count.

The light sentence may have been one of the reasons that Hall was willing to plead guilty.

Perhaps he was aware that there wouldn't be too much of a price to pay.

Let's be honest, $25,000 probably isn't too much to somebody who runs with the likes of Donald Trump and Sidney Powell.

Hall told the Judge that he had "aided, abetted, and encouraged" employees of Sidney Powell's firm "in willfully tampering with electronic ballot markers and tabulating machines."

It is hard to tell right now how this might impact Donald Trump.

Liberals will surely point to Scott Hall pleading guilty and say that Donald Trump is guilty as well.

Their logic will be that since one of the 19 people were found guilty, then all of them probably did exactly what they're being accused of.

Like usual, they find any way they can to demonize Donald Trump.

What's Trump's future?

What comes next for Donald Trump could go either way.

He has such serious political momentum that it's hard to imagine him not winning the Republican nomination.

Once he gets there, can he beat Joe Biden? Can he stay out of jail long enough to do it?

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