Trump reportedly considering an autobiography, may run into publishing issues

Rumors are circulating about a possible autobiography from former President Donald Trump, the Washington Examiner reported

Someone close to the former president reportedly said that Trump is “thinking of one,” but no details have been finalized, according to the Examiner.

It’s on the table

Among many other business ventures, Trump was a best-selling author before becoming president, and it’s likely that an autobiography would do extremely well, considering Trump’s continued popularity among many Americans and people around the world.

However, if Trump does pursue an autobiography, the Examiner reported that he may run into a publishing problem.

“The publishing industry is girding itself to resist it and block it,” the same source told the Examiner. “That includes all of the major publishers and even printers and warehouses.”

Cancel conservatives

The left has been using the riot at the Capitol on Jan. 6 to censor and suppress political opposition, particularly those closely associated with the Trump administration.

The most striking example of this was the decision by Big Tech social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter to permanently suspend Trump’s accounts.

The widespread effort to silence political opposition has also taken over the publishing industry. For example, the publishing company Simon & Schuster canceled a book deal with Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) after he objected to the 2020 Electoral College certification.

“It’s harder to sell a book or land a TV contributorship for anyone coming out of the Trump administration than it’s ever been,” said Keith Urbahn, the founding partner and president of Washington-based Javelin, which has represented many authors, including Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) and former national security aide John Bolton, the Examiner reported.

Fidelis Publishing

The attempt by mainstream publishers to cancel conservatives has led to the rise of Fidelis Publishing, which is headed by retired United States Marine Corps lieutenant colonel Oliver North.

North, who has been fighting against private-sector censorship since the days when he worked for President Ronald Reagan, said that he has received an overwhelming 150,000 responses since offering his services to pro-Trump conservatives, including six potential book ideas from Trump insiders.

For the time being, it appears that try as the left might to cancel Trump and those associated with him, his autobiography would likely still get out to the American people.

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17 Responses

  1. If we conservatives do not find a way to share and publish our ideas now we and our country is doomed to be controlled by communists within.

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  3. I 100% supported Pres. Trump and his policies during his first term in office 100%+. I too believe the election during his second run was rigged. The obvious corruption on the part of the DNC albeit well covered up was extensive and coordinated. Should he decide to run again in four years I will be supporting him again in any way I can

    1. The election fraud was not really well-covered up. It was blatant with the counts shifting after vote counting shutdown about 10:30 with Trump way ahead and reopened in the morning with Biden way ahead. Then all the affidavits of people swearing under oath to what they saw. And what happens if he runs in 2024 as the Dems keep denying there was fraud, the courts sticking their heads in the sand, and conservatives declared to be terrorists by none other than the disgraced John Brennan who ran a black ops operation against Trump in his impeachment? The Dems are afraid of the people (normal citizens who love their families, God and their country and neither threatened nor carried out violence on Jan. 6) so they are calling us terrorists, they have to build fences around the capitol and have a permanent military contingent. All we want is a fair election and to be considered before foreign countries, illegal immigrants and particularly China and ineffective climate polices that destroy jobs and our economy.

  4. Trumps book may not immediately be available in hard copy, but it surely could be sold as a downloaded version (ebook).

  5. I think that we should do away with the Democrate’s for all their crooked statements and lies. I think we would all be better off if they would disappear from the scene. They have never been for their constituents only for power and money.

  6. These publishing houses are American company’s and now all seem to be run by the communist party telling them who they can publish books for or who not to publish for, this un Americanism at it’s worst what kind of people are these who own these publishing companies anyway plants from non American countries like China maybe I will always vote for president TRUMP WON THE ELECTION bIDEN STOLE THE ELECTION ……. NEVER bIDEN.

  7. Remember the ‘fairness’ the Dems touted for so many years???? NOT!
    Their definition of fairness is total control and not one disagreeing with their masters.

  8. Yes I would love to hear what he says…..I will definitely b uy the book. He is my President and he is a gift to America and I love him. He is America’s true President and his America first will save America!

  9. any organization that supports democrats and not conservatives should be avoided why should we give our money to the devil

  10. The World at Large seems Afraid, very afraid of Our Great President. Why else would they Silence Us and continue to try and Cut him off at every turn.

  11. Bring on the book (s)! God’s gift to those who love America should continue to have his say. He had everything to lose. I respect great benefactors. Trump has been one for a long time. His expertise has been used to benefit the PEOPLE who love our country. I’m sure his book (s) will be another great benefit to and for patriots.

  12. How many of you realize that Trump’s major decisions have been parallel to the Book upon which the President swears and the framers of the constitution drew great principles that made America great?

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