Trump admin asks Supreme Court to restore restrictions on abortion pills

President Donald Trump is appealing the Supreme Court to restore restrictions on the use of abortion pills.

According to The Hill, the Trump administration asked the nation’s highest court on Wednesday to step in and bring back a rule designed to limit the health risks of taking abortion-inducing drugs.

The rule, which was first instated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2000, was suspended by a lower court judge amid the COVID-19 pandemic, The Hill noted.

Judge issues injunction

According to NBC News, the FDA rule requires that the pill Mifeprex be dispensed in person with a doctor present, and after a patient signs a form acknowledging the health risks involved.

NBC reported that doctors aligned with the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists sued over the FDA regulation, and an Obama-appointed judge ruled in July that the long-standing rule is too burdensome in light of the coronavirus pandemic. Citing the necessity of something he called “abortion care,” the judge issued a nationwide injunction.

“By causing certain patients to decide between forgoing or substantially delaying abortion care, or risking exposure to COVID-19 for themselves, their children, and family members, the In-Person Requirements present a serious burden to many abortion patients,” federal district court Judge Theodore Chuang wrote in his decision, according to CNBC.

Trump steps up

After the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals refused to stay the ruling, the Trump administration asked the Supreme Court to intervene while the case works its way through the system, The Hill reported. The administration has argued that failure to stay the order would cause “irreparable harm” to the public, according to CNBC.

“This Court has made clear that judges are not to second-guess how officials address public-health concerns in areas of uncertainty, yet the district court dismissed the FDA’s expert judgment in favor of its own view that the safety requirements are medically unnecessary,” the Trump Justice Department argued in its Wednesday petition, according to The Hill.

Trump’s Department of Justice (DOJ) also argued that other methods of abortion remain available, and that the “minimally burdensome” FDA rule is not canceled out just because of the “incidental effects” of an unforeseen pandemic. Moreover, the respondents had not shown that visiting a clinic was more dangerous than traveling anywhere else during the pandemic, the DOJ said.

“If requiring an in-person surgical abortion for women who seek abortions after ten weeks does not impose an undue burden, then requiring in-person interaction for a medication abortion is not an undue burden for earlier abortions simply because respondents would prefer another alternative,” the DOJ’s petition reads, according to Pregnancy Help News.

Pandemic politics

Not only is voting in person this fall too much of a burden amid COVID-19, but in the eyes of those on the left, being able to get pills in the mail to kill unborn babies is now a necessity thanks to the coronavirus disease.

With any luck, Trump will be successful in this fight against Democrats’ progressive pandemic politics.

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