Former Operation Warp Speed leader gives Trump ‘90% credit’ for vaccine rollout

President Joe Biden has been in office just a couple of months, and millions of Americans have already received their coronavirus vaccine. To hear Biden tell it, this is an unalloyed achievement of his own. Moncef Slaoui, the former leader of Operation Warp Speed, begs to differ.

Setting the record straight, Slaoui told CBS’s Face the Nation Sunday that “90%” of Biden’s vaccine plan was Donald Trump’s doing, the Washington Examiner reported.

Biden plan nearly the same as Trump’s

The Biden administration did make one or two innovations, such as getting FEMA involved and providing immunizations at sports arenas, Slaoui said. He also said that the Trump administration could have managed expectations better.

But in the main, Biden’s plan is “substantially” no different than Trump’s, he said. He criticized Biden’s claim that Trump did not order enough doses as a “negative” misrepresentation.

“I think that’s a very negative description of the reality,” Slaoui said. “I do think that we had plans, and in fact, 90% of what’s happening now is the plan that we had,” he added.

Slaoui pointed out that most vaccinations under Biden are happening at pharmacies and health care centers, which was in Trump’s plan.

“But I think what’s happening is, frankly, what was the plan. Substantially what was the plan,” he said. “The bulk of vaccine distribution is happening in the healthcare centers and now in the pharmacies. And that was all part of the plan.”

Biden’s disingenuous spin

Needless to say, Slaoui’s assessment of what Trump was able to achieve is much more charitable than that of Biden, who has tried to claim that Trump left him with pretty much nothing. At one point, Biden was bold enough to claim that Trump left him without a vaccine.

If he misspoke then, Biden has snubbed Trump enough times by now to make it clear that the spin is deliberate. “When I came into office, the prior administration had contracted for not nearly enough vaccine to cover adults in America,” he said in early March.

Biden has also sought to play up the largely underwhelming achievement of 100 million doses, even though he was well on track to reach that goal on day one of his presidency.

For his part, Trump has spoken out against Biden’s attempts to take credit for the “beautiful” shot.

Slaoui is putting a number to what commonsense makes obvious: simply put, there wouldn’t be a vaccine for Biden to brag about if not for Trump, and it is wholly disingenuous for him to pretend otherwise.

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16 Responses

  1. The Plagiarizer in Chief has been taking credit for other peoples, work, words and accomplishments for his entire miserable and pathetic wife. Plagiarism is a form of theft and this extra from the Walking Dead hit his Zenith when he stole the Presidency. Taking credit for the vaccine is small beer for this SOCIOPATH and pathological liar. So senile now he doesn’t even know he is lying. Thats as close to truthful as this SCUM has ever come.

    1. Couldn’t have said it better! I have always said he died during bummers admin. But doesn’t want to fall down!! Walking dead,huh? Yessss!

    2. yup. he also doesn’t know he raped Tara Reid, that he is a pedophile, or why money is showing up in his Biden Inc account.

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  3. President Trump gets all credit for vaccine. He put America first while Biden n his administration is putting America LAST!! Biden n his administration are liars, cheaters, thieves n corrupt.
    President Trump is still my President!!!

  4. As I’ve said before, Biden is an idiot. The most legal votes he could have
    received would have been 66 million. Those who say he received 81 million votes are lying idiots and they know it.

  5. The only thing Biden had to do with Covid was spend all his time attacking President Trump and making excuses for his Chinese pals in Beijing.

  6. How come the media is not really taking Biden and druggie son to task for all of the information on his laptop and how come the FBI and Secret Service have not investigated this information.
    The SWAMP is alive and well in D.C. Need for term limits for ALL elected government officials is long overdue.

  7. The Democratic party have proven again what a bunch of liers they are.America wake up these crumbs are out for blood.

  8. Biden is a, “Professional Liar!” That’s all anyone needs to know! Once A Liar, Always A Liar! Case Closed!

  9. Biden is NOT my president, Trump is! Trump won the election and everyone knows it, wait till 24, If I’m still alive I will vote for DJT again! Why would the American people vote for a 78 year old demented, senile, incompetent old fool like JRB? He probably doesn’t even know why he goes in the bathroom in the morning!

  10. Sleepy Joe has not left His Basement, (In his Dreams)…. He is a Total Abortionist Loving Fake Catholic…I have not seen a Movie in about 5 years but can’t wait to see the new one coming out soon—-It’s ALL about Joe’s Scumbag Druggie Son, Hunter… MAGA 2022

  11. President made it possible for Americans to get vaccinated when he fast tracked research and FDA and CDC to get it done. We all know it and nobody believes that Biden had a thing to do with it. He can lie to us all he wants but we know better. He was in charge of the roll out after Trump left office and we see how that went. He and all his cronies in Congress and the Senate got their shots before people on the front line and people with health issues and people over 65. I myself only got my 1st shot a few weeks ago and I have had diabetes for 50 years, I am on dialysis and have heart problems. However, I watched as all of our gov’t official, some younger that my childeren, got theirs on TV. Thanks JOE. NOT!

  12. See Joe, you try & blame Trump for everything you have made a mess of & try to take credit for the few things you haven’t messed around with that Trump did! Well that isn’t going to cut it any more this whole mess in the USA falls squarely on Joe Biden & his handlers, cabinet, Obama & the Democratic party You are all the worst government officials ever!!

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