Trump tells reporter he’s ‘calling for a drug test’ ahead of September debate against Biden

In a bombshell report Wednesday, the Washington Examiner‘s Byron York revealed that President Donald Trump plans to call for a drug test for himself and Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden ahead of their upcoming televised debates.

York reports that Trump told him during an interview in the Oval Office on Wednesday that he’s suspicious about “what he said was a sudden, marked improvement in Biden’s debate performance during the Democratic primary season.”

Trump apparently believes Biden was under the influence of some sort of substance during his final Democratic presidential primary debate against Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders in March, but he had no evidence to show for it, York reported.

“He wasn’t even coherent”

The first presidential debate is scheduled to be held on Sept. 29 in Cleveland, according to Fox News.

Speaking with York, Trump said Biden was far from a shoo-in during his March debate against Sanders. “Nobody thought that he was even going to win,” Trump said, according to York. “Because his debate performances were so bad. Frankly, his best performance was against Bernie. We’re going to call for a drug test, by the way, because his best performance was against Bernie.”

The president went on: “It wasn’t that he was Winston Churchill because he wasn’t, but it was a normal, boring debate. You know, nothing amazing happened. And we are going to call for a drug test because there’s no way — you can’t do that.”

Trump also told York that he doesn’t understand how Biden “could have been so incompetent in his debate performances and then all of a sudden be OK against Bernie.”

“My point is, if you go back and watch some of those numerous debates, he was so bad. He wasn’t even coherent. And against Bernie, he was. And we’re calling for a drug test,” the president insisted to the Washington Examiner reporter.

Not the first time

This is not the first time that Trump has called for a pre-debate drug test; according to York, the Washington Examiner reported in 2016 that Trump had also demanded one from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton because he didn’t “know what’s going on with her.” No such test was ultimately administered.

Of course, Trump’s drug testing demands will become a moot point if Biden follows the recent advice of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

The long-time California Democrat told reporters at a press conference on Thursday that Biden should skip the debates entirely so as not to “legitimize” the president.

“I don’t think that there should be any debates,” Pelosi said, according to Business Insider. “I do not think that the president of the United States has comported himself in a way that has any association with truth, evidence, data, and facts.”

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