Trump embarrasses liberal pundits as surprise golf club visit leads to wild speculation

A surprise visit by former President Donald Trump to the Washington, D.C. area on Sunday led to excited chatter among liberal pundits that he was facing imminent arrest.

But the fevered speculation turned out to be premature after Trump was spotted at one of his golf courses in North Virginia.

Trump trolls libs

An anti-climactic social media post from Trump Monday saying he was “working” at Trump National Golf Club Washington DC in Potomac Falls, Virginia put the wild rumors to rest.

“Working today at @TrumpWashingtonDC on the Potomac River. What an incredible place!” Trump wrote.

Trump was photographed in a MAGA hat while riding a golf cart with his son Eric Trump, one day after a freelance journalist set off buzz with a report that Trump had landed at Dulles International Airport in Virginia.

The news fired the imagination of the left, which has been anxiously anticipating Trump’s imprisonment since “Russian collusion” conspiracies dominated headlines. Trump was seen in golf shoes as he left the plane, a detail some fixated on as proof that he had been summoned to D.C. abruptly.

“Here is the video of Insurrectionist Trump wearing golf shoes on his secret trip to DC,” liberal pundit Dash Dobrofsky tweeted. “There is no official way to determine why he is there. But the shoes tell a story that this was a rushed, unanticipated trip that he didn’t want to make.”

Walls “closing in?”

George Conway, the anti-Trump lawyer and husband of former Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway, snidely suggested that Trump would be indicted, tweeting, “It’s been arraigning — I mean, raining.”

A few in the anti-Trump commentariat, perhaps schooled in disappointment by years of empty “bombshells,” sought to dial down expectations.

“DOJ has implied it’ll take no such action [arraigning Trump] pre-election,” journalist Seth Abramson tweeted.

Still, many on both sides of the political aisle are bracing for Joe Biden’s Justice Department to charge Trump in the future for his handling of classified materials that were seized in an unprecedented FBI raid last month. Trump also faces investigations for challenging the “free and fair” 2020 election.

For now, it seems the left will have to deal with delayed gratification.