Report: Trump heads to New York City for his first visit there since leaving Washington

Reports have confirmed that President Donald Trump will soon be returning to his hometown of New York City for his first visit there since leaving office in January.

According to Fox News, New York Times and CNN correspondent Maggie Haberman first revealed via Twitter on Saturday that Trump was expected to make a brief trip to New York. Since leaving the White House, the former president has taken up residence in Palm Beach County, Florida.

While it was unknown exactly when Trump would travel to the Big Apple, some news outlets said he might arrive as early as Sunday night.

“Nothing to hide”

No reason for the former president’s visit was given, but the timing of it is interesting considering that Trump recently re-entered the political limelight with a prominent speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) and later, a scathing statement about President Joe Biden’s disastrous border and immigration policies, as Fox noted.

In addition, the Manhattan district attorney’s investigation into The Trump Organization’s business practices seems to be ramping up with new subpoenas and an expansion to a property in Westchester County.

Regarding the investigation, Trump Organization lawyer Marc Mukasey said the group “has nothing to hide and there is no criminal activity whatsoever.”

According to Fox, the investigation seems to be concerned with possible tax and insurance fraud, as well as alleged payments Trump may have made to women who said they slept with him years before he ran for office.

Dems’ last chance

Democrats have been long convinced that Trump did illegal things both before and during his stint in the White House, but so far they have not been able to prove any crime, including through two impeachments.

Trump, for his part, has long insisted that payments to the women came from him, not his campaign, and thus, were not illegal. He said that he did not sleep with the women, but that he decided to pay for their silence to protect his aspiring political career.

If any criminal activity can be proven, Trump may be subject to fines or jail time, and he may also be too damaged to run for office again after a conviction.

I wouldn’t hold my breath, though; Trump has very good lawyers and lots of enemies, and it seems to me that if anything bad enough to stick had actually occurred, he would have been convicted of it by now.

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18 Responses

  1. I’m not a psychic, but I doubt anyone in Washington hasn’t and won’t be lilly white . I know several things that has been written about a lot, I feel they are true.

  2. Trump, has not done anything as bad as the Communist Democrats have done in his whole life. The Crime they have committed is treason to the United States and there is no Crime as bad as that one. Plus none of them have a pure life there selves they are the evil of all evil.

    1. I totally agree with what you wrote. I was raised a Democrat, but I have vowed that I will never vote for a Democrat again. I am sure there are a few good Democrats, but the party itself is a disgrace. Donald Trump is the best President in my lifetime. He is not a perfect human, but he has been the best President of my 76 years.

      1. Amen…..I agree….”I am sure there are a few good Democrats, but the party itself is a disgrace. Donald Trump is the best President in my lifetime. He is not a perfect human, but he has been the best President of my 76 years”….in my 67 years.

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  4. I have to Say, why can’t President Trump visit without bring Broadcast,…Maybe He doesn’t want All to know the date….

    Can’t President Trump have some Privacy

  5. Every one put him on such a high pedestal they won’t believe in there mind he did wrong. I voted for him but he done wrong. Might as well move on and try to get through next 4 years

    1. Do u feel everyone in the White House now are perfect? I’m thankful everyday I’m a republican. And yes, He has done more for our country than any president has ever done.

    2. Lie what? Look what’s going on! Gas prices going up Iran close to completely their nuclear weapons kid’s being caged! Cancel culture!!!! Wake up!!

  6. I hope and pray that Donald Trump can do more damage to the Democrats and Joe Biden now that he isn’t in office. Come on Trump, do your best. You have lots of amunition.

  7. Why is he going back there where he is treated so cruelly. He should sell every single property he Owns in New York and never look back.

  8. Thanks for deleting my comment. Apparently it struck a brittle bone because it was written with a lot of TRUTH and positivity about our Former President DJ Trump and First
    Lady Lady Melania.
    Once one has experienced life in New York City it remains in their heart and blood for life. After such an arduous time as President and First Lady but having done a great job regardless of all its challenges so well handled may they move on in SAFETY AND HEALTH.
    Pray that Biden, Harris and Pelosii et Al’s will have the dignity to respect our Military, our Veterans and National Guards giv IIJ ng them the respect for PROUDLY serving and keeping our country and her people safe.

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