Trump drops hints of what policies he would focus on if re-elected in 2024

Former President Donald Trump has dropped plenty of hints about the likelihood of his seeking a second term in 2024, though he has always stopped short of formally announcing a re-election bid.

Trump did so once again in an interview this week with Fox News host Sean Hannity in which he appeared to highlight a few policy areas that would be prioritized if he were to be the president again.

He also, however, seemed to indicate that he would trade all of that away and forgo another term in office if his rival and successor, President Joe Biden, would display competent leadership and return the nation to the sort of success it was enjoying while Trump was in charge.

Some of Trump’s plans for a second term

If Trump were to run again and win re-election in 2024, he told Hannity that he would “very quickly” act to address the problems that have grown worse under Biden, starting with the rampant illegal immigration and cross-border drug trafficking and human smuggling.

“Millions of people are in the country now that shouldn’t be here. Many of them are prisoners. Criminals. The bad ones I would deport. Yes. Millions and millions of people, they’re poisoning our country,” Trump said.

Another key focus for a second Trump term would be foreign policy and displaying strong and competent leadership on the global stage in order to keep enemy and rival nations “in check,” as they were during his first term in office.

“Iran was in check, North Korea was in check, I got along very well with Kim Jong-Un which … we would have ended up in a nuclear war then. Russia was totally in check and China was in check,” he said.

“They knew there was retribution. They knew that we can’t sit back and let these horrible things happen,” Trump added. “But with President Xi as an example, when you’re with President Xi and when you’re with all of these world leaders, they are at the top of the game and they are at the top of their game. They are sharp as a tack, they are smart, they’re brilliant … you have to be really on your game to deal with these people.”

Nation’s success more important than his re-election

Yet, at the same time that Trump is quite obviously eyeing a bid to oust Biden from office in 2024, he indicated that the survival of the nation, and even Biden’s potential success in helping the nation survive, surpassed his own aspirations to return to the White House.

“Beyond Republican or Democrat I want to see someone that’s great,” Trump said of Biden. “I would rather have him succeed incredibly even if it meant a much tougher [campaign] and maybe even a loss.”

As things stand now, virtually all of the polls show 2024 to most likely be a rematch of 2020, and according to the RealClearPolitics average of polls, Trump currently would edge out Biden by a less than one percent margin.