Trump hints at plans to create his own social media platform: ‘We have more people than anybody’

After social media sites like Facebook and Twitter moved to deplatform Donald Trump in the wake of a deadly riot on Capitol Hill last month, the former president is now promising to make some big moves of his own to get back online.

According to a new report from the Washington Examiner, Trump has been hinting to those close to him that he has some big money behind him as he seeks to move back into the social media sphere.

The former president told Newsmax TV last week that his team has been in talks “with a number of people” about purchasing an existing platform to provide an outlet for free speech, but he also hasn’t ruled out starting a whole new social media site of his own.

“We’re negotiating with a number of people,” Trump said Wednesday, according to the Examiner. “There is also the option of building your own site because we have more people than anybody, so you can literally build your own site.”

Silencing the president

Trump also reportedly complained Wednesday that he and his supporters “were being really harassed on Twitter.”

“They were putting up all sorts of flags, I guess they call them, they were flagging almost anything you said,” Trump said. Accordingly, he’s looking for an alternative that doesn’t shut out dissension.

It’s likely welcome news to those who have seen their voices smothered by Big Tech, a sentiment that was echoed by the chairman of the American Conservative Union, Matt Schlapp. Schlapp told the Examiner that he believes there’s a large market for those looking to express right-of-center views without fear of being censored — and Trump seems to be teeing up to fill that void.

“There’s a real despondent feeling among those people,” Schlapp declared, as the Examiner reported. “And many were buoyed to hear the former president. We never had a president get silenced before. It’s never happened.”

A deal for Parler?

On Feb. 8, the Washington Examiner cited a report from BuzzFeed News that indicated there were negotiations over the summer of 2020 about a possible merger between the Trump Organization and alternative social media outfit Parler. But then-Parler CEO John Matze later indicated that the deal “never got beyond unsigned, non-binding term sheets,” in the words of Axios.

Matza told Axios that he had reservations about getting involved with the president, fearing “he might have bullied people inside the company to do what he wanted.”

“But I was worried that if we didn’t sign the deal, he might have been vengeful and told his followers to leave Parler,” the now-former Parler CEO added.

With Trump now reportedly eyeing a social media venture of his own, only time will tell what the future holds for Parler, Twitter, and other platforms that sought to keep him at arm’s length.

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16 Responses

    1. agreed he is a get it done person, I cant believe the Democrat’s are getting away with the the election theft the only thing the Democrat’s can FIX is elections everything else they destroy.

    2. Yep, he has done well all his life even when things gone wrong he steps up and tries again and doesn’t let one failure deter his quest for whatever he is trying to accomplish. Knock him down but you will never knock him out-he always gets back up.

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  2. It would be nice to be able to discuss your point of view without having haters or being persecuted for your beliefs.
    Of course, speaking your mind can be done in good taste and not with irrational thinking.

  3. any one interested in how far back the deep state goes should look up the name lyndon la rouche and read about what they did to him 40 years ago. then compare it to what they are doing to pres trump now. they have been trying to create the new world order one world power one military force going back to biblical days. what i don’t understand is what someone like pelosi ( just to name one) wants for this country that her grand children are growing up in?

  4. If he started a new social media site, it would be nice to see all 75+ million people leave the other sites..

  5. hello everyone so happy to learn that trump will create a platform that people can speak their mind, without fear of getting hurt. I could see twitter, goggle, Facebook go down with less subscribers and less advertisers and trump will sit back with 75 million people that will fly to his site. I am one of them and hope that others will follower.

  6. Go for it Mr. Trump we are behind you all step of the way. You made America in 4 years what no president has done since Abe Lin.

  7. We ,”speaking for many”, are with you President Trump. Anxious to be a part of
    your new program. We are Trumpers. The country wants and NEEDS you back in the Oval Office. Anxiously waiting to see and hear you on Sunday.
    What ever you decide…….. we support you and will proudly be a part of it !!!
    Will be wonderful to take back the House in 22, get control of the Senate again and “You, Pres Trump” back in the White House. Bless You.

  8. President Trump, you have brought so much confidents back to our nation and hope the tru Republicans will now stand along your strong leadership !!!!!! Thank you Sir, please consider for some return. “Not only our country appreciates you but all the Allies across the sea.”

  9. Go for it Mr President. You made our America Great, you can do anything again. If I weren’t so old I would volunteer for free. God Bless you , the First
    Lady and Barron🙏

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