Trump lawyers respond to House Democrats’ demand for impeachment testimony

In anticipation of a Senate impeachment trial that is almost certain to result in an acquittal, some Democrats seem intent to settle for embarrassing former President Donald Trump on national television.

As the New York Post reported, Trump has made it clear that he wants no part of a political “stunt,” turning down a demand that he testifies in front of the cameras during next week’s proceedings.

“Your latest public relations stunt”

U.S. Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) sent the former president a letter ordering him to appear no later than Feb. 11, warning that a failure to show up would be considered a tacit admission of guilt.

“If you decline the invitation, we reserve any and all rights, including the right to establish at trial that your refusal to testify supports a strong adverse inference regarding your actions (and inaction) on January 6, 2021,” he wrote, referring to last month’s deadly riot on Capitol Hill.

Trump’s attorneys reacted with a terse statement of their own.

“We are in receipt of your latest public relations stunt,” wrote lawyers Bruce Castor and David Schoen, accusing Raskin of playing “games” by falsely linking Trump’s silence to evidence of guilt, according to the Post.

The letter indicated that “there is no such thing as a negative inference in this unconstitutional proceeding,” arguing that the latest effort further undermines the entire Senate trial.

“That concern is obviously inapplicable”

“Your letter only confirms what is known to everyone: you cannot prove your allegations against the 45th President of the United States, who is now a private citizen,” the attorneys wrote. “The use of our Constitution to bring a purported impeachment proceeding is much too serious to try to play these games.”

Democrats, along with a handful of Republicans, have insisted that Trump must be barred from seeking future federal office by pursuing an article of impeachment accusing him of inciting an “insurrection” at the Capitol.

While Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) and others have used the fact that Trump is no longer president as an argument against impeachment, Raskin cited it as apparent evidence that his availability should no longer be an issue.

“Indeed, whereas a sitting President might raise concerns about distraction from their official duties, that concern is obviously inapplicable here,” the House Democrat wrote, according to the Post. “We therefore anticipate your availability to testify.”

Trump’s legal team reportedly plans to hinge his defense on this point, writing in a brief that the Senate “lacks jurisdiction over the 45th President because he holds no public office from which he can be removed.”

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44 Responses

      1. TOTALLY AGREE! The SUPREME COURT has FAILED to Intervene & exercise their DUTY to uphold the CONSTITUTION , ending such ABUSE BY PARTISAN DEMOCRATS!! They are Worthless sideliners?

        1. They did refuse to oversee the bogus proceeding as they, SCJs, know the proceeding is illegal and unconstitutional. Their absence is their decision on the constitutionality of the entire circus.

    1. Even if the senate convicted the former President which is highly unlikely he could sue them in federal court!

      1. Sounds good to me….
        The Dems always blame others. No guts! Keep crying WOLF and placing the blame on the Republicans.

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  2. If 50-60-70% of voting American citizens want Donald J. Trump as POTUS, of whose business is it in Congress to attempt to arbitrarily deny American voters their Constitutional birthright of choosing their President?

  3. Let me get this straight, the Supreme Court already confirmed that this impeachment hearing is against the constitution. Now, former President Trump, is a civilian and the liberals want to show him, who is in charge now. Where is the Supreme Court ? They should put a stop to this unlawful prosecution of a civilian citizen of the United States of America!
    All this will make Trump more powerful and stronger, since many American citizens are backing him up!
    I don’t know all the laws, but I believed the Supreme Court was there to prospect the people of this nation!

  4. I thought He should have gone to a court and filed against the dems . He is a citizen and can’t be tried by senate. Can we be tried by them? He should find a friendly judge and let the judge tell the Senate this is unconstitutional.

    1. We have not seen any thing yet it’s going to get worse Pelosi wants more scrutiny for her but the people get walked on she is bad real bad skumer is scared and Biden is a milk weed.

  5. STOP THE MADNESS DEMOCRATS. You want UNITY for both sides so say Biden. I do not see that at all. TRUMP did nothing wrong. America saw and heard what all of you did. HE DID NOT CAUSE AN INSURRECTION AND YOU ALL KNOW IT. YOU dems. along with the media caused it. ANTIFA/DEMOCRATS CAUSED IT. We know you all pre- planned it. May God have mercy on your souls Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schummer and the democrats. You are on very choppy waters dems. You will be sorry.

    1. There will be no mercy on their soul. It has been blackened to the point where they can not ask for God’s mercy so the damn themselves to hell all of them biden included No one has to wish themselves there. The unborn will be their jury and will condemn them to their justice

    2. Biden Pelosi and the rest of the Demon Rats go to Hell wher your true father lives you did everything your blaming TRUMP for so it would look like he done it you no good traitors

  6. Everything the communist demoncraps do is despicable. Unceasing prayers for our Constitutionally-elected PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP and our USA.

  7. Run little Democrats. Your fear of President Donald Trump running again frightens you as you will be exposed again and again. The fear you have is real and warranted as you know THE REAL AMERICANS WILL VOTE HIM IN AGAIN AND AGAIN. Anger does not look good on you scrunched up faces.
    President Trump WON the 2020 election……. without cheating. One of the best, no the best President of ALL times.
    The impeachment of biden is all to real. Get ready to testify.
    The democrats and some republicans have a dollar amount to be bought should be ashamed to look into that mirror and think your are an American. Your communist Chinese. Remember it doesn’t matter how slick you are, YOU WILL BE EXPOSED.

  8. I do not see the former president (obama) is doing–but you media people are not looking a former president who became a multibillionaire while in office, yet you commie media go after a man who has done all things for the American people –which obama did against the people –and from what I read and hear he is doing doing it with biden.

    1. Who do you think is telling him what to do? Who is speaking to him through the earpiece? You can bet that Obama and thecClintons are rearing their ugly heads once more!

  9. If they thought the President guilty why did the Democrats put up a fence, and demand National Guard Troops? The President was over 900 miles away, at his home in Mar-a -Lago where he lives in Fla. The clown show will show the mental instability of the crime doers, and will be a circus. A circus that no one wants to attend. Records will show the ugliness of the Democrats towards the President in his previous 4 year term. Not only that, Biden is not that popular in fact just when America needs jobs, Biden cuts jobs. Also, Biden’s performance is poor.

  10. Donald Trump shouldn’t have to go to trial he didn’t loss the election waiting for the treasonous Joe Biden to be found out and charged the trials just to take away from truth of the real corruption to overturn the election

  11. It’s about time we the American people get the paperwork signed for the removel of want to be president biden and have the election redone on paper and over seen by the us military

  12. Forget about the Supreme Puppet Court. They ALL have been paid off with Soros/Bloomberg cash filled bribe envelopes or threatened politically to do nothing. Trump was making America better, putting foreign countries in their place by doing what they should be doing, and not letting them sh*t all over America like the DUMMYCRAPS do. This country is supposed to be run by the peoples voices, not the whims of congress / senate. But the corrupt politicians want to steal as much of the taxpayers money as they can, and Trump put a stop to this, and THEY DIDN’T LIKE IT !!!! Trump was making America prosperous and giving the people a better life, but the corrupt politicians did not want this !!!! The people must be dependent on the politicians and under their control !!!! And Trump was putting an end to this. Politicians wanted their pork projects where they get kickbacks and bribes so they can become wealthy – Trump was ending that AND THEY DIDN’T LIKE IT !!!!!! So ALL the corrupt politicians rallied and said – WE MUST SMEAR TRUMP, DISGRACE HIM, FAKE NEWS HIM, BLAME TRUMP FOR EVERYTHING, AND CRY TO THE IGNORANT STUPID SHEEPLE HOW BAD HE IS FOR THEM !!!!! WHEN ALL THEIR DIRTY TRICKS FAILED, THEY RIGGED THE ELECTIONS, BRIBED ALL THAT WERE INVOLVED IN THE ELECTION PROCESS, AND FRAUDULENTLY MANIPULATED THE RESULTS SO BIDEN WOULD WIN. AND HERE WE ARE TODAY, CORRUPT POLITICIANS BACK IN CHARGE DUE TO STUPID STUPID IDIOT MORON SHEEPLE WHO NEVER WOKE UP !!!!

  13. “Indeed, whereas a sitting President might raise concerns about distraction from their official duties, that concern is obviously inapplicable here,” the House Democrat wrote, according to the Post.

    Gee, that concern didn’t stop you Dems the last time you held an impeachment circus starring Popeye Schiff and Wimpy Nadler.

  14. If Holder and queen Hillary didn’t show up for court for their real crimes then President Trump doesn’t have to for doing no crimes. Tell the democrats to stick their kangaroo court. Supreme Court can stick it too. A bunch of communists traitors.

    1. Remember that when we get chance to vote in any election in the future. Let’s turn every state Republican as well as the presidency.

      1. You are exactly right. We must vote out the Traitor Republicans who are voted to Impeach Trump, and bring in Good Republicans who will fight against the evil empire of the Demon-crats, and let’s get the House, the Senate, back and get Donald Trump back in the Presidency.

  15. I think they should all be investigated. They are not working for the American People. They are taking care of foreign countries illegal immigrants. THEY ARE SPENDING SO MUCH MONEY.WE WANT TO KNOW WHERE ITS GOING.


  17. I am so disappointed with our Government. You are all acting like toddlers, choosing to point fingers at each other, trying to tear up our Constitution. Ignoring those who should be impeached, and doubling down with impeaching our 45th President, unconstitutionally. . You are supposed to be focused on the American people, not your personal agendas of hate and trying to divide our country even more. You cause fear and division in our country. Mostly I’m talking about you dems. But I am pretty let down by a lot of the Republicans. The ones who do not know how to stand together. Some on both sides need to retire. They are so out of touch with reality and the people, especially the ones who will be running our country. Please get your act together. I pray for our country. May God open eyes and hearts, before it is too late.

  18. I grew up in the ’50s unless you have, you can’t even imagine how far this government has transformed America. My life is almost over but it breaks my heart to see what’s coming for the younger generations.

    Regarding the Supreme Court, the highest court in the land, I wouldn’t hang my hat on them doing what is constitutional. In my humble opinion, they seem to lean towards whatever party is in power…with the exception of President Donald J. Trump. I feel their hate for him is out of sheer fear he will stop their progress of destroying America.

    At my age, I’m sure not looking forward to working in sweatshops. So you younger generations better pull it together and come up with solutions to stop this mentally deranged situation. God bless and good luck.

  19. There is absolutely no hope for the democrats…it is too late because they have sold their soul to satan and will forever reside with him for eternity!

  20. Trump wanted to drain the swamp which meant democrates and some republicans alike that’s why the rinos are against Trump. Trump was and is for we the people but those slimey polititions want to make sure he won’t be able to run again. Best president ever.

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