Trump sits for Fox Business interview, rips multiple indictments against him as a 'continuation' of the years-long 'witch hunt' against him

 August 19, 2023

Late Monday evening, former President Donald Trump was criminally indicted for a fourth time in nearly as many months, this time in Georgia by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis as part of an alleged broad racketeering conspiracy with numerous other indicted co-conspirators to overturn the state's disputed election results in 2020.

In his first televised interview following the Georgia indictment, Trump slammed the charges as being a "horrible thing for the country" and little more than the latest iteration of the years-long "witch hunt" against him, according to CNN.

He also urged his fellow Republicans to "get a lot tougher" and start fighting back more effectively against what he and many others view as politically motivated attacks by Democrats that use the justice system as a weapon against partisan opponents.

Trump discusses the four indictments against him

On Thursday, former President Trump sat for an interview with Fox Business host Larry Kudlow and was immediately offered an opportunity to respond to the Georgia indictment from a few days earlier, which Trump dismissed as "a continuation of a witch hunt" that he believes is intended to "silence" him and others.

He further stated that the prosecutors pushing the indictments he faces are "sick people" who have "no idea how the world works" or the "anger they cause" among the American people by seeking "publicity" and "fundraisers" off their efforts to convict and imprison him.

"I have four of them now, if you look," Trump said of the multiple criminal indictments. "I mean, this is not even possible. Four, over the next -- last couple of months. And frankly, it discredits everything. And they’re all very similar in the sense that they’re -- there’s no basis for them."

He went on to remark upon how he is being prosecuted for retaining government documents while President Joe Biden is not facing any trouble for doing virtually the same thing, albeit without the nominal protection of the Presidential Records Act, and with regard to the 2020 election-related cases, how he and other Republicans are facing "suppression" of their voices and how "if you talk about an election they want to put you in jail."

"It's a disgraceful thing and Republicans can't let them get away with it," Trump said. "Republicans have to be tough. The Republicans -- are great in many ways, but they don’t fight as hard for this stuff. And they have to get a lot tougher. And if they don’t they’re not going to have much of a Republican Party."

The bulk of the rest of that Fox Business interview was focused on economic issues and his plans for a second term in the White House and what he would do to fulfill his retained campaign slogan of "Make America Great Again."

Trump shreds DA Willis, President Biden

Just a few days prior to that interview with Kudlow, former President Trump spoke with Fox News late Monday night in the immediate aftermath of the Georgia indictment that he decried as being indicative of a "dark period for our country."

"Nineteen people were indicted, and the whole world is laughing at the United States as they see how corrupt and horrible a place it has turned out to be under the leadership of Crooked Joe Biden," Trump said in reference to the 18 other individuals indicted alongside him with dozens of combined and separate charges.

With regard to Fulton County DA Willis, he stated, "The racist and corrupt district attorney of Fulton County, which has turned out to be a murder capital of the world with among the highest violent crime levels anywhere in our country, just opened a fundraising site in order to benefit off the things she most campaigned on, 'I will get Donald Trump.'"

The whole effort "is a continuation of the greatest and longest-running Witch Hunt in American history," and with the Georgia charges in particular, "This politically-inspired indictment, which could have been brought close to three years ago, was tailored for placement right smack in the middle of my political campaign, where I am leading all Republicans -- by a lot -- and beating Joe Biden soundly in almost all polls."

The former president further lambasted his successor in the White House and the Georgia prosecutor as being abject failures, and suggested that Willis should "focus on the people that rigged the 2020 presidential election, not those who demand an answer as to what happened."

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