Trump jousts with Brett Baier, mocks Fox News in heated interview

 June 20, 2023

Donald Trump insulted Fox News during a contentious interview with one of the network's top anchors, Brett Baier.

The former president told Baier that he's "no great fan of Fox anymore" as the two argued about controversial topics like the 2020 election, Trump's handling of classified information, and the former president's appeal or lack thereof with swing voters.

Trump jousts with Fox

Trump's relationship with Fox has long been an ambivalent one, going back to 2016 when he boycotted one of the primary debates they moderated. Recently, Trump has accused the network of giving him unfavorable coverage compared to his closest primary rival Ron DeSantis (R).

"They fought me very hard in 2016, very much the way they're fighting me now. Very, very hard," Trump said. "And I won. Then they became very nice," he added, as Baier rolled his eyes.

At one point, Baier asked Trump what he would do to persuade voters who "can't handle the scandals" and "vitriol" associated with Trump.

"More independent voters watch Fox News than any other TV source," Baier said.

"A lot less than used to watch it," Trump fired back.

"They do watch," Baier said, visibly clenching his jaw.

"I won"

As Baier continued to press Trump on what he would do to persuade independent female voters, he rejected the insinuation that he has lost popularity.

"First of all, I won in 2020 by a lot," Trump said. "Let's get that straight. I won in 2020."

Baier said it was "fair" for Trump to speculate about the suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story, but he insisted that Trump "lost" regardless.

"There were recounts in all the swing states. There was not significant widespread fraud," Baier said.

"Witch hunt"

While insisting the last election was stolen, Trump said Democrats are trying to rig the next one with the federal prosecution of his handling of classified information.

"They want to arrest the opponent who's leading the person that's in theory in charge of government," he said. "This stuff shouldn't happen."

Baier repeatedly peppered Trump on why he took "super sensitive" classified documents with him to Mar-A-Lago, but Trump rejected the case as a political witch hunt and asserted that voters feel the same way.

"People see this stuff for what it is," Trump said.

When asked what he would do differently next term, Trump said he would like to be "less combative" but the dishonesty of the media makes it difficult.

"I would like to be less combative. But I find the press is extremely dishonest and if I'm not combative I don't get my word across."

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