Trump slams Kamala Harris: She ‘put a drug-dealing illegal alien into a jobs program instead of prison’

California Sen. Kamala Harris has been lauded by Democrats since she accepted the party’s nomination for the vice presidency last week. But as those on the left insist that Joe Biden’s choice of running mate was a homerun, President Donald Trump and company are calling foul.

According to Breitbart, Trump busted Harris on Thursday for letting “a drug-dealing illegal alien” off the hook while serving as San Francisco’s district attorney. Breitbart noted that the man in question, then-20-year-old Alexander Izaguirre, pleaded guilty in 2008 “to selling cocaine but avoided jail time.”

According to Breitbart, Izaguirre “went on to brutally assault a young woman.”

“Mowed her down”

Trump highlighted this story in a campaign speech in Pennsylvania on Thursday. There, the president slammed the VP hopeful, saying she “put a drug-dealing illegal alien into a jobs program instead of prison.”

“Four months later, the illegal alien robbed a 29-year-old woman, mowed her down with an SUV, and fractured her skull,” the president said, according to Breitbart.

Breitbart reported that Amanda Kiefer had been “walking to a restaurant with a friend at the time” of the attack.

Izaguirre was released as part of a program Harris herself created called “Back on Track.” According to Breitbart:

The Back on Track program allows those 18 to 30-years-old to plead guilty to drug felonies so long as they agree to spend a year in the jobs program, living where they choose.

“A huge kind of pimple”

Harris was criticized at the time by police union chief Gary Delagnes, who pointed out that illegal aliens were not supposed to be eligible for the program. “These are the things that happen when you’re not vigilant about this type of situation,” Delagnes complained to a local ABC news affiliate in 2009.

Kiefer, for her part, seemed to express bewilderment that her attacker was even in the United States, given his immigration status and prior criminal conviction. “If they’ve committed crimes and they’re not citizens, then why are they here?” she asked the Los Angeles Times in June of that year. “Why haven’t they been deported?”

Speaking with the Times, even Harris admitted that Izaguirre’s case put “a huge kind of pimple” on her beloved “Back on Track” program, Breitbart noted.

“The immigration issue, as it relates to the Izaguirre case, obviously is a huge kind of pimple on the face of this program,” said Harris, who was campaigning at the time to be California’s attorney general, a bid she won in 2010, as the Times later reported. “I don’t mean to trivialize it, nor do I mean to cover it up.”

It’s just one of a number of stains on Harris’ record that seem to be coming back to bite her as she pursues one of the nation’s highest offices. How long can she take the heat?

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