Trump launches midterm campaign ad blitz in key swing states

Donald Trump is making use of his formidable fundraising machine to push MAGA candidates over the finish line in critical swing states, adding new pressure on Joe Biden and the Democrats and lifting the prospects of a red wave as Election Day nears.

The former president’s midterm super PAC, MAGA Inc., officially launched its general election advertising blitz with nearly $5 million in spending, the AP reported. 

Trump launches first midterm ads

The PAC has spent $1.34 million in Ohio, $829,000 in Pennsylvania, $1 million in Arizona, $954,000 in Georgia, and $512,000 in Nevada. MAGA Inc. spokesman Steven Cheung said the group would not “telegraph our spending but it’s a significant buy.”

The expenditures are Trump’s first this cycle, and they come after griping from Republicans about his lack of spending on the general election. His Save America PAC has amassed some $90 million.

An ad set to air in Georgia Saturday blasts the Democratic candidate, Raphael Warnock, as a radical who supports “drag queen story time” and “indoctrinating our children.”

“From D-Day to drag queen story time, America has lost its way,” the ad says. “Chaos at the border. Crime in our neighborhoods. A collapsing economy. Biden and Warnock did that.”

Are GOP prospects improving?

Another ad targets John Fetterman, the Democratic candidate in Pennsylvania’s Senate race, as dangerously soft on crime by highlighting his attempted pardon of a convicted murderer.

“John Fetterman wants ruthless killers, muggers, and rapists back on our streets,” the ad says.

Republicans are favored to win the House, but the fight for the Senate will be a closer one, with Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Arizona expected to decide Senate control.

The polls have been tightening in these critical contests as Biden’s much-touted summer “comeback” fizzles, and gas prices start rising again.