Trump lawyer suggests Hillary Clinton could face impeachment under new precedent set by Dems

After a weeks-long impeachment fight, former President Donald Trump was acquitted Saturday of a single charge that alleged he incited an insurrection at the U.S. Capitol. But the 24-hour coverage of federal impeachment proceedings may not be over just yet.

According to The Daily Wire, Trump’s defense team argued Friday that the precedent Democrats have set by moving forward on an impeachment trial against a president who is no longer in office could result in some big-name former officials facing similar proceedings — and that includes former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

A “new precedent”

The comments came during a question-and-answer portion of Trump’s impeachment trial, just a day before he was ultimately acquitted in a 57–43 vote, as ABC News reported.

Seven Republicans and all 50 Senate Democrats voted to convict the former president, 10 short of the number needed for the effort to succeed.

Among the Republicans to vote against Trump, according to ABC, were Utah Sen. Mitt Romney, Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski, and Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse.

But that might not be the last impeachment these lawmakers see. On Friday, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) asked Michael van der Veen, one of Trump’s attorneys, whether convicting Trump “would create a new precedent” under which former officials, such as Clinton, could similarly be impeached.

“Is it not true that under this new precedent, facing calls to ‘lock her up,’ a future House could impeach a former Secretary of State and potentially disqualify her from any future office?” Rubio asked, according to The Daily Wire.

“See it their way”

Van der Veen didn’t mince words in response.

“If you see it their way, yes,” he said, referring to the House impeachment managers. “This could happen to…the former secretary of state. It could happen to a lot of people. That’s not the way this is supposed to work.”

Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD), House Dems’ head impeachment manager, disagreed and attempted to draw a distinction between Trump and Clinton, though he didn’t use her name. “This official was not impeached in office for conduct while in office,” he said of the former secretary, as The Daily Wire reported.

In any case, the result of Trump’s trial is now decided — and with his acquittal, he’s free to run for office again in the future, despite Dems’ best efforts.

Could a 2024 White House run be in the cards for the former commander-in-chief? Only time will tell.

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33 Responses

  1. Let’s get back the House and the Senate then you can talk about those issues. We need a commanding lead in the House and the Senate so let’s get that done first.

      1. Yes, never vote Democrat again for anything. Anyone who destroys the best president in my lifetime never deserves my vote. Federal or local.

        1. Amen Sista. This Trump movement is more Powerful than when he left office. No one, and I mean NO ONE has EVER WORKED so hard for us as DOES DONALD! Just watching Trump ride down the street in his motorcade today this 2021 Presidents Day… to hear the other Patriots call out what I was feeling. Like what you said Trump will a.ways be my President. Let’s face it for so many presidential elections, the dems have not offered any candidate that fights for the people! Trump will solve this vote problem! What he says, he does! Thank you for being real with us! Listen to what Donald says all the way through, not how the fake news TWISTS everything they put out! Let’s be friends. You are so refreshing!

    1. Trump is still our president. 2020-2023. He won fair and square. And since they stole part of his term he should have 8 more years

      1. I agree! What if Biden had to endure what Trump did while trying to be effective for the American people, he would be ready for the looney bin in less than a month!

        1. Biden is ready for any loony bin right now – along with him should be the rest of the Dems in Public Office- they certainly aren’t worth the salary we ‘r paying them! They ‘r there to get rich only!

  2. They tried to destroy trump and they have a good start destroy the economy and the United states now 25thousand illegal immigrants in where Wii they stay are 10degre and snow take them to California for that great state we want them here they will join the homeless people

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  4. Mess with Billary and her ill gotten gains and she will have all the feckless talk show hosts clamoring to have her on their unwatched shows. They thought rating were low now, just wait til she puts a stain on the airways.

  5. Jail Soros he satan and he looks like a turtle put him in exile in China he likes that crap No impeach for political crooks JAIL

  6. Clinton broke many laws ( illegal server, unsecured top secret information, lying about Bengazi, trying to over throw a legally elected President, conspiracy to commit Fraud( the Russian Collusion) and destroying evidence ( 33,000 emails ) the only reason she was not prosecuted then was Obama’s FBI refused to prosecute her on the grounds ” She did not intend to break the law!” ( Try that one in a court of law and see how fast you get locked up and laughed at ). When the Republicans retake both the House and Senate everyone in the Obama administration, needs to be investigated and charged with their crimes against the USA !

  7. What a blessed way to get hill, Lerner, Brennan, comey, obomination, perhaps ungrateful michelle, impeach them all using the opening afforded us. DO NOT DO what they did and doctor video and documents, do not change spelling to suit your desire. There is a major difference between Calvary and cavalry, one through prayer brings horses at the end the other is men on horses. One is spiritual the other is carnal.

  8. She should be panicking. Does she think the American people have forgotten her murderous, treasonous ways? Karma stinks.

  9. Impeachment Biden and Harris. They are both traitors. Get the illegals out of America. They do not support our country. Send all of them back to Mexico with our so called president and vice. God Bless America.

  10. I’d say that if thats the game they want to play, there’s plenty of fodder in the wings of their stage. Just starting with Clinton. There are many more that would fall in place in this scenario. Let them pitch, we’ll knock it out of the park. I’m thinking Biden, his sons as crooked as sin, and the whole family too.

  11. Any one know the legal way to prosecute the traitors without congress. Could citizen arrest work. There are 300 million of us. Troops are in DC because the Biden administration is afraid of the citizens . Recall all the crooks. Do not think Biden will be in office long. The dark side will have Harris in before long. Then she can be impeached. Any thoughts

  12. Personally, I believe this should be filed under the “dream again” category. Little has been made of the ABSENCE of Chief Justice Roberts during the proceeding. The Constitution names HIM as the presiding judge and his REFUSAL to so act seems to indicate his belief in the unconstitutionality of the proceeding. Had the verdict been ‘guilty’, I’m fairly certain it would have been appealed to the Supreme Court.

  13. To all you dumb DEMOCRATS, the Term Commander in Chief only applies to those within the US Milatary. Donald J Trump was never anyone’s CIC, he was their President. All I heard during the trial was Trump being the CIC.
    Now dumb DEMOCRATS, watch all the PEOPLE of AMERICA come out for TRUMP in whatever he decides to do Politically going forward.

  14. We could impeach Hillary every month for then next year on serious charges that she would certainly be found guilty of!!! I am all in for these impeachments!!!

  15. She needed to have been impeached while in office, convicted of many crimes and locked up❗Now sounds like a good time to get the job done. Put her in a straight jacket and a GAG most of all. THEN get all the others❗

  16. I heir Mr. Soros again,,,,,go send me a email. I got 5.56 and a 203 you don’t like my comments go to hell……..that’s the evidence……

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