‘They seem to be very capable people’: Trump lawyers pledge to do better after scattered first day

The verdict on impeachment is in: Trump’s lawyers lost round one in a landslide after Bruce Castor followed up a 13-minute damning video with a meandering speech that didn’t seem to want to address the case at hand.

Trump co-counsel David Schoen said Tuesday night that the legal team would be “well-prepared” going forward and would “do better” at defending the former president. 

“There’s a lot to say, and I know they feel very strongly about fighting against what they are seeing,” Schoen responded to comments by Sean Hannity.

Schoen also said that Castor didn’t expect to have to speak on Tuesday, which may have accounted for the fact that his speech seemed unfocused. Castor talked about the fall of ancient governments and getting lost in the Capitol building before calling out several House and Senate members by name and then finally, briefly, talking about the January 6 riot.

Democrats judged more compelling on first day of impeachment

In contrast, House impeachment managers put forward a 13-minute video montage of footage from the January 6 riot, juxtaposed with things Trump said about election fraud that encouraged people to take action against the fraud and for the integrity of elections.

While the video did not prove Trump did anything wrong, most of the lawmakers in both parties who watched it agreed it was more emotionally compelling than Trump’s lawyers.

Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA) said, “Anyone who listened to those arguments would recognize that the House managers were focused, relied upon and trusted upon the opinion of legal scholars.”

Cassidy also called Trump’s legal team “unfocused” and said they “attempted to avoid the issue.” Cassidy was one of six Republicans who voted that the impeachment was constitutional and could go forward, which differed from his vote last week that it was not constitutional.

Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA) also voted the trial was constitutional, saying of Trump’s lawyers, “I think they had a weaker case to start with, and I don’t think it was very persuasive.”

Is Castor the right guy?

Hannity said he was getting calls from Republicans during the arguments who were frustrated about how things were going and told him, “Whoa, we need someone harder-hitting here.”

Trump’s legal team had already gone through upheaval prior to the trial, with the entire team leaving his defense less than two weeks ago and being replaced by Schoen and Castor.

The New York Times reported that Trump was “furious” about his team’s lackluster performance, which he watched between meetings at Mar-A-Lago, his Florida resort.

Having been banned from Twitter after the riot, Trump has no immediate way to respond to the trial as he did during his first impeachment trial a year ago.

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18 Responses

  1. Pres. Trump is not in office. Any Senator participating in the sham “impeachment” of an ex-president should be impeached for a direct violation of the Constitution. Where the hell did some of these “Senators” go to law school?

    1. You are exactly correct. President Trump did nothing wrong. He did not incite the riot – dumocraps, antifa and black lives matter did that. Yes, all the idiot senators who obviously have not read the clear language in the Constitution should be thrown out of office immediately.

  2. This 2nd impeachment of President Trump made me realize that DEMOCRATS believe that their position in government is to regain power in the White House, at any and all costs. Most politicians forget that they are in office to SERVE the country and THE PEOPLE. What the Democrats have done since President Trump became president should NEVER happen. They are a disgrace and the whole world is laughing at the stupidity of their actions! Ignoring the issues of the Biden Clan makes me question how desperate Democrats are and that is an insult to most Americans. I just want a president who will work for bettering our once wonderful and free country and take care of our veterans and our legal citizens before sending BILLIONS of taxpayers money to foreign countries, who despise our country. President Trump tried to MAGA but Democrats got in the way, and stole the election, in order to prevent President Trump from exposing the corruption in government today! What is in store for legal citizens?

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  4. Here is the perfect defense. “Since you are throwing the Constitution and most rules out the window, I’d like to bring a few other former presidents up for impeachment also. The list is short only three William Jefferson Clinton treason, he gave nuclear bomb capabilities to the North Koreans. George Bush his treason let us begin with the Patriot Act. And finally Obama his list of sedition and treason is long. We’ll begin with Benghazi, then go to FastandFurious then… Oh you don’t want your sacred cow to go through this? Call it off.”

  5. Anyone can say anything….whether it is fact or not. Isn’t it important to care about the facts instead of the hyperbole? It is often the truth that the people who lie create a more impressive argument because they are creating it to be so. Sometimes, especially in this case where President Trump did nothing wrong, the truth is boring.

  6. And lest we forget…but then again it’s history so maybe this falls under “cancel”, turn back the pages to about 1978. Remember M13, Black Panthers, those leftest sweethearts who were out to destroy the government, raised hell around the country, killed cops and then Susie Rosebaum (maybe Roseberg) planted a BOMB in the capital which blew a hole in a wall and created a sizeable amount of damage. At that time the FBI was doing their job and rounded up the nasties, some went to prison, not all. Fast forward to Bill Clinton’s last day in the oval office…he PARDONED Susie and now she’s back in the fray with the BLM/Antifa mob. Nice group, wouldn’t you say. Remember LEFT and they want to impeach President Trump…for what? I say again…check the history folks, it is enlightening.

  7. Same old way Demo’s have always done business. They take every video, tape conversation etc that they can and then “cut” it to make it seem like a person did something wrong. As I watch the impeachment today, I can remember Obama, Bush etc. saying just about the same thing as Trump. Obama saying “stay the course”, Harris saying the riot will not stop/nor should it, Waters saying to PUSH back on them, draw a crowd and tell them you are not welcomed here. People started to get kicked out of where they were, food tossed on them, their food taken by a democrat, all types of things happening. Nancy saying “people do what people do” as the rioters were tearing down our statues, burning buildings & cars etc. I guess as long as you are a Trumper its OK for people to do things like this to you and your family. It’s also good for a democrat speaker, senator or congress member to say these things and not have anything come back on them. I was registered as a Democrat but after the first term of Obama I changed to Republican. I shouldn’t register as either as I vote for whom I think will be the best person to do the job no matter what party. As of right now, I think I’ll be voting for Republican for a long while unless something changes.


  9. Let us start IMPEACHING Sen. Chuck Sumer, who went to the Supreme Court, and standing on the STEPS , he called out for Justices Cavanaugh and another Justice and told them how to vote on certain cases , and if not …….. they will be hard pressed to find out who/what hit them. Finally the Chief Justice came out and rebuked Chuck Schumer ! That is the MOST unprofessional on the part of Sen. Schumer. He deserves to be impeached for that !

  10. Don’t censor those Anti-America senators and etc. Take their seat away from them. Kick them out❗
    One day they vote this way then the next day vote another way. If you go in as a republican you need to be a republican. You all act like a bunch of wusses in high school. How can
    anyone respect you. You show who and what you are. Grow up❗🎯

  11. Why are we wasting money and time on an impeachment that will never happen? Here is a novel idea: Why not do the business of America as those that elected you ask you to do. We the American people are paying your unearned salaries. Do your job. Quit wasting time and money.

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