Trump lawyers: Former president innocent, impeachment unconstitutional

Former President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial got underway in the Senate this week, with Democrats seeking to hold him directly responsible for the deadly riot at the Capitol on Jan. 6.

Trump’s lawyers, however, are arguing that not only is the former president innocent of the charges brought against him, but that his opponents have no grounds to bring them.  

Trump attorneys Bruce Castor and David Schoen have submitted a brief in which they contend that their client shouldn’t be on trial given that he has already left office, The Daily Caller reported.

The lawyers insists that rather than pursue a legal matter, Democrats are simply using the mechanism of impeachment as way to intimidate their opponents.

No call to violence

“In this Country, the Constitution — not a political party and not politicians — reigns supreme,” Castor and Schoen said in their brief.

“But through this latest Article of Impeachment now before the Senate, Democrat politicians seek to carve out a mechanism by which they can silence a political opponent and a minority party. The Senate must summarily reject this brazen political act,” they contended.

Castor and Schoen also rejected the allegation that Trump incited “violence against the Government of the United States” during his Jan. 6 rally remarks.

“Notably absent from his speech was any reference to or encouragement of an insurrection, a riot, criminal action, or any acts of physical violence whatsoever,” they wrote.

The lawyers continued, “The only reference to force was in taking pride in his administration’s creation of the Space Force. Mr. Trump never made any express or implied mention of weapons, the need for weapons, or anything of the sort.”

“Feigning horror”

The lawyers went on to call out Democrats for “feigning horror at the president’s choices of words considering some of their own members recent public comments.”

Among the examples of belligerent rhetoric from Democrats was a 2018 speech by Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) in which she called on supporters to “create a crowd” and harass any members of the Trump administration that they might come across.

In another instance, Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) publicly called for “unrest in the streets” last summer at the same time that violence was occurring following the death of George Floyd in police custody.

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85 Responses

    1. ou are wrong He has provided jobs took biden (on first dat) a second to destroy over 80thousand jobs plus Because you are for a communist goverment you do not see all the good Trump did for our country

    2. If that is the claim as you stated why is it the FBI stated that the attack on the white house was planned weeks ahead of time and even have a vidio of people planting the pipe bombs at the head quarters of the DNC and RNC buildings the night before the speach that you and your radical brained democrat tribe of idiots claim are responsible for the riot at the White House? if you can answer all these questions then maybe the rest of us intelligent people who believe what we see and hear will maybe be better be informed to agree with you

      1. The Democraps are trying to portray Donald as inciting the riot knowing full well he was not present when these criminals planned any of this riot. If one takes another close up look at the videos these democrap criminals their selves showed on TV one will most definitely notice those videos have been edited, cut and cropped. Pieces taken out and others put it, easy to do. If you take and look at the difference in the lighting, light and darkness going in and out, the audio going in and out even while Donald attempts to defend himself in those videos you can totally see they have been doctored. Everytime Donald tried to answer the question asked in the video that creep kept interupting him, stating answer the question, well answer the question, well what is it and then the democrap LIAR cut it right there only showing a small piece of what Donnie truly said, cutting the rest out to let the people have the illusion putting their agenda on the public to believe what they want us to believe. It is up to us not to be fooled or taken in the the real criminals, liars and thieves the democraps, only out for money power and to control the whole world! “US” Totally criminal and disgusting! I have been a democrat my entire life and have never been so disappointed as I am today with them all!!! The impeachment is rigged, solely to keep Donald from ever going for office again as even openly stated by the democraps, a crime upon us and our democracy!

        1. I am a Democrat, and I am totally disgusted with the Democratic Party and have come to realize they they cheat, lie and steal. Open your eyes people. We are being taken down by some of our own people and sold out to China. Think about just one factor, closing the pipeline, so we can bring oil in from other countries. That way we can build up other countries, while our oil has to be shipped and freighted. So many things, too many to list, immigration another big one. Trump had accomplished so much to get things going in the right to help our direction to help our own country.

          1. You see through all the lies, cheating in the 2020 election and made up rhetoric they use against Trump. They are so afraid of Trump and all his supporters it is unbelievable; they do not want him to run and campaign in another election because he will WIN!
            Truump won last November but it was handed to Puppet Biden on a stolen silver platter by the cabal.

      2. If that was true about having video of people planting bombs, then why haven’t people seen it. And those cameras are checked regularly. So why all of a sudden they didn’t check them on the 5th or 6th. I’ll tell you why. Cause there is no video of people planting anything. And for you 411, it was a proven fact that Democrats storm the building too. Sotake your ignorance and shove it. Your new ignorant president lost Americans jobs and trying to let 11 million immigrants into this courts. Free food free money free housing no paying taxes for 8 yrs. and who jobs do you think they’re going to take. Not even a leftist like you are safe from them taking you job. Wake up and stand in what your shoveling.

    3. You are one POS. I hope you enjoy it when gas prices go sky high. I hope you enjoy it when millions are unemployed and I hope you enjoy it when Illegals take over the country. I hope that you and your suffer the most.

    4. President Trump was not inciting violence of any kind. Democrats truly did. President Trump had to put up with the GARBAGE. All because Hillary Clinton lost the election. President Trump wasn’t destroying Republic not Democracy. High time for Pelosi and her gang to grow up.

    5. Anna, apparently you cannot read well or ascertain what really happened at the Capitol. Time to get your head out of the sand and wake up to what is really happening!

    6. You are apparently a dumb democrat. Whose only existence on this earth is to destroy America. Trump was not behind the riots he told them to go in peace. Did you know that Antifa was there. They are not peaceful rioters. Wake up and stop listening to lying liberals. So far the only thing Biden has done is to destroy our country. With 4 years left there will be nothing left. Then I want to hear what you have to say.

    7. Trump was not behind the riots. Trump was always for peace and peaceful demonstrations. One of the attendees posted that he put on a Trump hat to cause the trouble when he was really part of Antifa group. He was joined by others

    8. I still think that Trump has an ace up his sleeve. The original inaugeration day was March 4th. Keep your eyes on the ball. The Democrats have been caught in multiple criminal and treasonous acts over the last 4 years. Obama pardoned all of the criminal acts done during the 2016 election, that is why there have been no arrests made. Trump has a complete record of all of the criminal acts done by the Democrats during his term. It will all be coming out real soon. Democrats will be arrested and sent to Gitmo.

    9. He should not be on trial or attempted to be impeached. He’s no longer in office so he can’t be impeached and he hasn’t broken any laws. If Trump is impeached when Republicans retake control of Congress they must impeach Obama. That’s who should be on trial.

    10. Trump said he wanted a peaceful protest he did not bail out the protesters he said lock them up Now Harris was supporting the protesters that was burning and looting this summer she even went as far fund raising money to bail them out now if anyone should be impeached it’s Harris or if you to impeach someone out of office how about Obama giving money to terrorists over billion dollars using the government to spy on Americans I’d say if your going to impeach those to should be a good start as for Trump he did nothing wrong but get screwed over by the democrats and government and media ever since he ran for president

    11. no the demoncrats have been the ones that have tried to get the American people to “have blood in the streets” (hillary) and harris’s, “I think they should continue to riot”

    12. Follow the money! Democrats hired Antifa to cause chaos! They paid for the bus to bus them in dressed as Trump supporters! Kamala paid the bail for them!

  1. What a Crock of CRAP and an extreeeeeemmmee. WASTE OF TAX PAYERS MONEY.



      1. Now you have hit the nail on the head it’s the rino’s we have found that must go but look around for what’s happening while they keep you watching the impeachment because we should have been watching dominion during the first impeachment

      2. You are right about Republicans they don’t stick together and you can’t trust them. That is why Trump was so great he told it like it was and did what needed to be done to make America great again. That’s why Democrats hate him and Rhino’s hate him (basically just Democrats). We need to get Republicans together get rid of all the Rhino’s. Get rid of top Republicans you can’t trust like the leader of the the Republicans. They let Democrats get away with everything. I no longer want to be a Republican unless Donald Trump is President.

    2. These people who started impeachment are losing voters by the minute, blocking Americans from their votes to be counted is scandalous, be cause they are trying to force themselves on people so they disrespected Judge Amy Totemburge ruling /Order from October 16th 2020 way before November 3rd election & the special counsel the judge deemed /dominion Voting system unsecured, & she stated /every voter had the right for their votes to be counted in time properly . She did not pick & choose for which party , she just made it clear all voters had rights for their votes to be counted on time properly , how sad no adults adhered to her order/ruling before November 3rd 2020 , why did people feel they are above the laws in the USA? I would not like to be cheated as an Americans let alone one who runs for office .Elelctions cost a lot of money, why do they spend all this money that can be used on the American people , for pandemic relief, just for power grabs . I hope & pray the Scotus force dominion & it’s softwar7 the owner the schematics & patent capability into the Supreme court, this has gotten way out of hand in the USA Americans need free & honest election they do not need any more stealing from them any more it has gone on for decades . They have been blocking president /trump from the 1st day he won the 2016 election , Oh my God pleas help We need you badly as soon as possible

    3. You are absolutely correct. I can’t believe there are so many people are still drinking the Kool Aid. Obama must have come out with a new great tasting flavor. WAKE UP PEOPLE!

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  3. This is a waste of taxpayer’s time and money. You would think that Washington politicians would have much more pressing problems to solve. This entire impeachment show is worthless and ridiculous!

  4. I think it’s great that our great country hires the mentality challenged , but they probably shouldn’t be serving in the capital!


  6. They are turning America into a 3rd world country, communism soon to come, by Democrats who did exactly what they’re accusing Trump of,check
    Previous tape/videos of mad max waters,Pelosi,Schumer,there’s a whole list of these Dems calling for violence !!

  7. This impeachment trial is nothing more than a sham, Trumps lawyers must hit the democrats with everything including the kitchen sink. In war you keep bombarding the enemy with everything you got until he has had enough and raises the white flag or is no longer around to fight any longer,

  8. More demorats wasting time and money, our money for something they can’t prove !! Antifa was the ones that invaded the Capital !!

    Dump democrats

  9. just as the Romans did in cruifrying Jesus so are the domocrats trying to do to President Trump and exactly like Jesus Trump has done no wrong, being one of the best presidents we have ever had.The domocrat could not buy President Trump so they do not like him. If you really believe in democraosy then get rid of the corrupt demos.

  10. You are 100% wrong. Educate yourself before you speak. Trump did not suggest violence, but a peaceful protest of a fraudulent election. Watch the videos of the Dems calling for violence to Trump supporters – Maxine Waters, Pelosi, Schumer, Ayanna Pressley, and more.

  11. All the hate speech in these responses is saddening. It shows how torn up our country is over the pettiness of the Democrat party. Pelosi hates Trump with such venom that her brain has turned off. Schumer is so power-hungry he will fall for anything that might give him a sense of triumph. The loathing of the Democrats for anything that does not fall in line with their thinking (if it can be honestly called thinking) is palpable. Do not mention God because the Dems go apoplectic. They don’t want to salute the flag because God is mentioned therein; they don’t want to sing the Star Spangled Banner because God is honored through it, they willingly and openly deny the power God has over this country and because of that God has removed His blessings. Consider, please, how our country has lost decency, brotherly love and kindness. Where did it go?

  12. Your article stated the trial was over? President Trump is found innocent? Please show me where & who reported this. There is enough fake news out there…….please stop adding to it. But thanks for supporting our President Trump! RR, Hamburg, NY

  13. Stop and think about this: How many times have the Democrats “at the top” tried to impeach and ruin the life of Donald Trump? And how long has this been going on? 5 YEARS NOW! They charged, then they failed, over and over and over again! Have you ever in your lifetime seen or known anyone with this much hate and rage for even one person? They are consumed with hate and rage! All because Trump won the Nov. 2016 election instead of Hillary. And then he dared to do exactly what he promised to do for this country! The only reason the Democrats this week are going thru with this so-called impeachment is to further their careers by being able to say they were a part of this (so-called) impeachment trial! They are literally prancing and preening for their public! I pray every night, if it is His will, that God will intervene in this showdown.

  14. POTUS TRUMP -incited. PATRIOTISM in our America.
    The best POTUS IN MY 70 YRS.
    obiden & harris are stand up communists.

  15. EMAIL SENT TO DONALDS ATTORNIES; TRUE FACTS: Attorney Schoen, watching and listening to the trial of President Trump, your opening statement; I need to let you know you need to first and foremost focus on the fact the rioters acted on their own emission, the same as when Harris told the BLM to fight like hell, bailed the criminals out of prison was not held accountable for any of that, can be argued she did not tell them to break, rob, kill anyone just as Donald did not. Also you need to focus on the fact these Democrats said they were going to impeach Donald even before he ever became President, have tormented, fought him tooth and nail from day one, even things that benefited our country. I also think you should plant the true seed that these democrats could have paid these criminals to infiltrate what was otherwise a peaceful demonstration originally. I also believe you should bring out the fact of where Donald attempted to bring out plenty of evidence showing the fraud in the election, starting with the video showing those people dragging out the illegal bags of votes hidden under the black table once everyone else went home and then turned the machines back on literally showing them illegally counting those votes, the bags of votes found on the side of the highway, the votes found in the gutters, the votes found in the trash at the Post Office, the Postal worker who was ordered to drive bags of votes from Philadelphia to Florida unbeknownst to him as to why per his own admission, ordered by his own boss a matter of public record, clear fraud ignored and excused by the courts and the officials. Attorney Schoen please bring these important facts out for the country to see! These are major factors in the case as they show fraud, conspiracy and corruption as well as cover ups! Thank you in advance, Audrey

  16. You know that Democrats stole the election. Republicans are so weak and useless, they just let it go when they knew it was a fact. No one wanted to look into all the affadavits not even Republicans. How dumb are they to let Democrats get away with stealing this election. They let Democrats get away with everything. What about spying on the Trump campaign. The Russian Collusion, Illusion scam. Hillary’s email scam. Hunter Biden’s get rich through his father being Vice President scam. Now he is a corrupt President in office, let’s see them really clean up now.. Republicans allow them to get away with everything they do. Trump is the only one with the Guts to fight them, that is why they hate him so much. Rhino’s are just Democrats in disguise they should not be elected as a Republican again. What is going to happen when they finally have the proof they need to prove the election was stolen? And it was. Well Republicans will once again do nothing. If the top Republican leaders can’t fight for what is right and stop the Democrats they are getting what they deserve. If they turn their back on Trump then they will never win an election again.

  17. Dems, Media, and Never-Trumpers want him GONE!!! They are TERRIFIED because he’s got their “numbers”… he was cleaning house! Need to continue draining the SWAMP!!

  18. Republicans are scared weak politicians. I ashamed to be a republican right now. We need more people like Trump. Then the scam bags that turn their back on a fellow Republican why don’t you become a Democrats you losers. Trump 2024!

  19. It’s obvious that the Democratic Party HEADS! are behind this! they want to Destroy this man because he wants to give back to America and truly make America Self Reliance through its peoples and all natural resources

  20. Call and text your congressmen and senators every day, demand that Piglosi, Schumer, Biden and Harris be impeached! Keep the pressure on until they bring articles of impeachment against them all! If Piglosi refuses to bring them to the floor for a vote, charge her with obstruction, abuse of her office, and bringing false charges against President Trump! She needs to be held accountable. Plus she needs to answer for not securing the capitol building when days before the f.b.i. Told them that the possibility of an attack on the capitol was known. Put her on the stand and demand answers!

  21. Those who should be on trial this moment is the Democratic Party and the Mainstream Media for the 4 years of lies and hatred toward President Trump.
    They are responsible for the division in our country. Had they chosen to work with President Trump, our country would be much better. The current admin. who are not mine have already destroyed so much good because of hate and revenge attitude. They have let Satin penetrate the Dem. Party and become a cult.

  22. After a corrupt so called election we have a demented old man who has shown just how crooked he and his family are and a ho for a vp. They have ruined thousands of jobs in a month. We lost the best man as president we have had, Don Trump.

  23. We all agree that PRESIDENT Donald Trump should be the duly elected president were it not for the corrupt practices and money behind the lying, cheating, deceiving democrats backed by the likes of Soros. The hate for PRESIDENT Trump runs so deep because all of the swamp rats, democrats and republicans alike are threatened by PRESIDENT Trump because he is, or was, on the way to exposing all the corruption going on in DC. The former presidents, congress, senate, CIA, FBI, Judges, etc. are all in on the power and bad money grab that has gone on in Washington for decades. Since PRESIDENT Trump was unexpectedly elected president and he wasn’t a politician, didn’t need their money and couldn’t be bought and did what he promised the people of the USA despite all that the democrats and others threw at him their hate just intensified. PRESIDENT Trump didn’t need to put up with all that garbage. He did it for the love of our country and fellow man. He lost more money doing his job than it paid, of which he donated and didn’t take a penny of. He should be put on a pedestal and not put on trial. He is the only president that fought so hard for the American people and shame on those who cannot recognize his sacrifice.

  24. To all of you who are thrilled at paying higher taxes, continue voting democrat. To all of you who don’t like having control of your own life,vote democrat. For all of you who think the democrat party has any respect for you,or wants anything more than just your vote, pull your head out.
    Your children,& grandchildren,& even most likely your great grandchildren will be paying for the wasted trillions the democrats are happy to spend, mostly to bail out their poorly run democrat states. They won’t be any better for being bailed out either, they will waste it, giving everything to the border crashers who the democrats welcome with open arms.
    The ilegals will get what you have worked your whole life for,& will have to beg for to get half as much as what will be handed to them. Those who vote based on personality,not policies,are responsible for the total surrender of the freedoms that make this country great.
    That’s the message Trump was giving,that the direction the democrats are taking this country,it to total round!

  25. You aren’t too bright are you? You must watch CNN and that’s all. They lie about everything. You need to read and research before you make stupid statements.

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