‘We will be back in some form’: Trump leaves White House prior to Biden inauguration

The day that many Democrats and Republicans alike predicted would never come, came today as Donald Trump said farewell to the American people and his presidency and left the White House without having to be forcibly removed.

Trump, who is now a former U.S. president after Joe Biden was inaugurated at noon, gave a farewell address to the American people early Wednesday morning before departing from the White House with Melania Trump and the rest of his family. 

Trump spoke from Joint Base Andrews, mentioning many of his accomplishments including seating hundreds of conservative judges, historic peace accords between Israel and several Arab nations, and getting two vaccinations for the coronavirus approved by the FDA “in nine months.”

“What we have done has been amazing by any standard,” Trump told the crowd, which included aides, chief of staff Mark Meadows, and family members.

Trump touts economic accomplishments

Trump also said that he rebuilt the economy twice, setting himself up to take credit for the eventual economic recovery from the coronavirus and related shutdowns.

“Remember us when you see these things happening if you would,” Trump said. “I am looking at elements of our economy that are set to be a rocket ship up.”

Trump wished the new administration well without mentioning Joe Biden’s name or acknowledging that he won the election. He never conceded the election to Biden, and has claimed that there was massive election fraud that caused Biden to look like he won.

He talked about what might be next for him and said, “I will be watching, I will be listening, and I will tell you that the future of this country has never been better.”

“Only just beginning”

“The movement we started is only just beginning,” he continued.

Trump talked about running for president again in 2024 before a group of protesters forced their way into the Capitol and caused damage and injuries, including the death of a Capitol police officer. A protester was also shot and killed in the violence.

Democrats and a number of Republicans blamed Trump for “inciting” the violence and conducted a rush impeachment last week in the House, even though his words never mentioned violence and even urged peaceful protest. His political future is unclear as the Senate debates what to do with the House’s impeachment, but polls show that most Republicans still support him and what he stands for.

Whether Trump runs again or starts a new political party, as some have suggested, you can be sure he will keep his promise made during the farewell at Andrews: “We will be back in some form.”

Seems like 75 million Americans are counting on it.

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21 Responses

    1. He tried to cut govt. waste, made the Military better, brought home the Military from unreasonable places to be, and tried to stop illegal immigration. All of this is contrary to Biden’s intentions.

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  2. the girl did not die she was a paid actress.. with fake blood, when they moved her there was no blood, they had to bring it in and she took it and put it on her face ,,look closely at the video, its all a fake

    1. 100% true statement all fake. Pretty much you can guarantee if the Democrats are involved it’s all fake almost as fake as they are

      1. I resent that statement. My ancestors were Democrats and highly respected in their professions. Who are you to defame people you know nothing about? Every fox smells his own hole first!!!

        1. Carolyn Yost: doesn’t matter. I’ve had friends who USED to be life long Democrats, no longer. Sure, we have a right to voice our opinions. Can’t think for yourself and open your eyes to see what is happening? Exactly what we’ve all predicted. Enjoy it to the max. Highly respected profession? Sure! If you call robbing Americans, lying, unscrupulous back door deals with terrorists & communists, nothing to help the American people to prosper and live our lives safely? The list goes on, if your listening or reading the “real” news outlets. They have diverting American for years on end. Tell me, what have they accomplished during the last four years? Only to get rid of our POTUS, because of hatred & him exposing them all..you gotta be blind as a bat & deaf. Think about it. Oh yeah, sorry, talking to the wrong person…

        2. Your ancestors were not the Democrats of today. In their day they had integrity and were honest, not like the Democrats that now think anything is Ok, lying, cheating or intimidation, violent protesting and murder if necessary, to remain in power. Your ancestors would turn over in their graves if they knew what the Democratic party has become!

  3. His problem was that he started draining the swamp and the creatures didn’t like that. So they destroyed him to protect their way of life. This is what happened, plain and simple. And for this reason, they will try to keep him from ever coming back.

  4. I Believe Biden and Harris will screw things up so bad that his own party will turn on them, within six months at best

  5. I cried when Donald Trump, Melania Trump and the rest of his family left the

    White House. I’m so sorry they all had to leave the White House. He was the

    Very Best President that we had in our entire lives. I akready do miss them so

    much. I will always Love Them All Always, Forever and ever. May God Bless

    Them All. Amen.


  7. President Trump has done a lot for this country including building the wall to keep illegal immigrants out of our country made gas prices and oil prices go down to taking over the oil fields stock markets are at their highest and the economy was looking good. I am forever grateful for him and he definitely has my vote for 2024. Greatest President we have had seen Regan!!!!

  8. We know the Democrats lied, cheated and stole from Trump. Nancy Piglosi manipulated them with her deepest hatred for Trump cuz he was catching on with their corruptions and was closer to exposing them. Nancy, Schumer, Biden and the back stabbed has to involve the past Presidents with plenty of lies. This is 100 percent corruption on their part and it needs stopping. Trump will get his chance to fully expose them as times coming.

  9. I hope President Trump has something up his sleeve to expose all the rats! The demonrats “ think” they have it all in the bag now, arrogantly gloating that they took him down, but—— did they? Something is afoot that does not bode well for the demonrats! President Trump said he would be back, I believe him! When the rat trap is set, he will expose ALL of them, they will have no place to hide, and their lies and machinations won’t save them! Piglosi should be first on the list, then screwmer, shiff, Nadler and all the rinos! It WILL come out thst the whole capitol fiasco was planned, bought by Piglosi and the demon horde so President Trump and his supporters would be blamed. It started BEFORE his speech at the rally even started! Piglosi made sure the capitol was not secure so antifa and blm could go in and create chaos so the protests against the electoral college votes couldn’t be heard! And the lie that they were after Piglosi is so lame, if they were after her, they would have gotten her!

  10. A proud Beautiful American Family just left the White House. I was sad to see them go. However I am Happy for All of them.
    Maybe it won’t take them long to put the Ugly behind them and
    Remember the Good and Always be Proud of the fact that are
    Truly Americans and Not the Typical Phony Politician.
    Melania You were a Beautiful First Lady. President Trump You
    Have a Beautiful Family. Thank You, All of You.

  11. Biden is not the legal president. The Military is in charge of our country right now and as Commander in Chief Trump is running the show. God’s plan is in motion just in His time not ours. None of the Executive Orders are valid. Soon and I hope very soon Biden and Kamala along with most of Congress and the Senate will be arrested for treason. Think Piglosi has already been arrested. Lots of good information on the web like Lin Wood, Mike Lindell, various prophets. But always, always keep praying for Trump, his closest advisors. for our country-we the people are taking back our country in ways that will surprise you.

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