Polls show Trump remains more popular with Republicans than GOP establishment

Since 2015, the media and political establishment have worked overtime to demonize former President Donald Trump and drive a wedge between him and his supporters.

In spite of the incessant attacks, the effort has been a dismal failure, as recent polling shows that solid majorities of Republicans want the former president to continue to be an influential figure in the GOP, Breitbart reported.

Republicans favor Trump over establishment

survey by Rasmussen Reports between Feb. 16-17 asked 1,000 likely voters, “As the Republican Party reorganizes itself going forward, should it be more like former President Trump or more like the average GOP member of Congress?”

Among the Republican respondents to that survey, 72% said that the GOP should follow the path charted by Trump, while only 20% said the party should more closely resemble the average congressional Republican.

The survey, which had a margin of error of 3%, also asked respondents to choose whether Trump should remain a leading figurehead of the party or if the GOP should move away from Trump. The pollsters found that 73% of Republicans favored Trump continuing to be a prominent party leader.

Remain involved as a party leader

These findings are similar to the results from CNBC‘s All-American Economic Survey, an online poll of 1,000 Americans with a 3.5% margin of error, which also asked respondents whether Trump should continue to lead the Republican Party or be ousted from politics.

Seventy-four percent of Republican respondents wanted Trump to remain an active participant in politics, 48% wanted him to remain the undisputed leader of the GOP and only 26% wanted him out of politics completely.

In a recent Morning Consult poll which surveyed 2,000 voters between Feb. 14-15 with a 2% margin of error, the former president’s support wasn’t quite as strong — though still a solid majority.

That poll found that, among Republican voters, 59% wanted Trump to be a “major figure” in the GOP and 54% said they would back him in 2024 if he ran for the Republican presidential nomination again.

Trump more favored than McConnell

A separate poll from Politico/Morning Consult, which surveyed 1,987 registered voters between Feb. 12-15 with a margin of error of 2%, revealed the disparity in how Republicans view Trump compared to the nominal head of the GOP establishment, Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY).

Among Republicans, McConnell was viewed favorably by 34% and unfavorably by 53%. Trump, however, had a favorability rating of 81% while being viewed unfavorably by only 18% of Republicans.

It should be abundantly clear now, as it has been for years, that a substantial majority of Republican voters still choose Trump over the GOP establishment. Leading Republicans would be wise to take that into consideration and realize that the people who matter most still want him around as an influential leader of the party.

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35 Responses

  1. This is off-topic, but every tax paying citizen in America needs to know wgat biden plans to to with the stimulus money… give it to illegal aliens, including the ones he has just flooded the country with

    1. Not off topic…because you are giving an example as to why we want Trump as President. He is in nobody’s pockets…doesn’t need the money and listens and responds to our needs with action. That is all we want. A president that listens to the citizens, uses common sense and reacts to it. Simple!! (Well, not so simple when we have the Dems pulling their schemes every time he tried to help us.) But he was an overcomer…and encourager of what is good and right in this nation. We need him more than he needs us.

  2. Trump has been the most insightful and productive President since Lincoln. Reagan was good, but Trump was and still is better. His only real Republican competitor is Teddy Roosevelt, who was also booted from office and came back with the Bull Moose Party. With the theft of the 2020 election, the Dems have now fully established themselves as the Party of Lawlessness. Only the most radical can possibly want to be identified with such a Party, but Karma must shift in a big way to restore Unity in our Nation. The Truth Will Out, bit by bit, leak by leak, and by 2022 the full story of the fraud and steal should be complete and Out There. Then we shall see.

    1. I still support President Donald John Trump, in my view he is the BEST the Republican party has ever seen in many years. He is NOT AN ESTIBLISHMENT REPUBLICAN and it is for that reason so many such as Billy Kristol and others in the Party HATED him so much. He also does not play ball with the engrained party system.

    2. Everyone of the Dems should be facing life in prison, including the High Tech Execs, Soros, Obama, the Clintons, Chief Justice Roberts, the corruty Mgt. in the FBI, & many more!

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  4. I am 83 years old and in my lifetime NO-ONE has done so much for AMERICA
    and that with un-parelled opposition and lack of support by those who should have supported.
    I cringe when I think what it is asking of President Donald Trump to go at it again BUT know of no other man who could do it.

    1. Robert; these are my sentiments exactly! He has done far,far more than he should ever had to do! He has fought all the scum, and won except for this last battle, and it’s not over!

    2. I agree that no man could possibly be able to do the job President Trump did, but then no man had God behind him like Trump, I would always tell my wife that there is no way any man could go through the torment daily from the MSM they way that Trump did, if God didn’t give strength.

  5. But look at all the damage Biden is doing in the meantime. He is systematically destroying our country in a big way. Biden stole the election by fraud and he told us so beforehand and still got away with it. Biden belongs in jail not the White House.

  6. WOW, the 3 comments above said it all. This country need President Trump more then ever. Biden and his unqualified cabinets running this country now are traitors and Communist. They should all be rounded up and put in prison for the comments most of them have said in the past that are on tapes and Twitter and Facebook.


  8. I HEARD SOMETHING TERRIBLE TODAY. People work their whole life and pay into Social Security, which has already been taxed. They expect to have this money when they get older or are unable to work any longer. A fellow Republican told me today that Biden plans on taking 20% of the peoples’ money they get who have only that to live on in old age. It is NOT right, Our Parents and Grandparents before we have paid into SS all their working lives, and most die before they are old enough to collect, so it is handed down to the Widow and or their children. The Elderly 65 and older deserve to have the little bit they get to live on and not be a burden to their children. Trump would NEVER do this! It is so stupid to want this, dump Democrats are biting off their noses to spite their faces. I just Pray, Trump comes back before Biden destorys America.

  9. Always a Trumper! He is not swayed by political craposious! He is about America! When we can take care of all Americans, we can worry about those outside.

  10. get the FBI, DOJ, and Homeland Security to do their job and to round up all of the Democrats and lock them up in all of that ridiculous fencing with the Razorwire around the White House and put big locks on the only gate in and out of the White House and guard with the toughest of the military with the biggest guns on the outside and anyone trying to leave will be shot on the spot.

  11. In their own individual way, both President Trump and Rush Limbaugh kept the American people (Conservatives & Liberals alike) informed with the truth about what was happening in our government and to our country; and for this I am very thankful. By speaking out, they gave others the courage to do the same and Americans are now being more informed, more than ever, about how the Liberals pulled the wool over our eyes and will continue to do so unless we stay vigilant. No more Laissez Faire, our elected officials should do what they were elected to do, interpret our Constitution honestly and govern as their constituents elected to do. I also believe in “TERM LIMITS”

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