Trump mounting effort to campaign against Republicans who voted for impeachment

Former President Donald Trump has now been acquitted again after facing his second impeachment vote, although seven Republicans crossed party lines to vote in favor of conviction.

Now, reports indicate that Trump’s attention is shifting toward addressing the political futures of those GOP lawmakers who sided with Democrats.

Primary challenges begin

The Washington Examiner cited speculation in the nation’s capital that the former president is set to launch a public campaign in opposition of 10 House Republicans who voted in support of the article of impeachment last month — starting with Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY).

With limited, indirect access to social media, any such effort at campaign revenge would likely be relegated to in-person, public events.

In any case, Trump is said to be compiling a list of possible targets of an effort to be undertaken by himself, his sons, and other staunch supporters and including stops in the home districts of pro-impeachment Republicans up for re-election.

As for Cheney’s race, the embattled chair of the House GOP conference is facing off against a Trump-friendly challenger who recently stepped up as a primary challenger.

Republican state Sen. Anthony Bouchard has already begun to circulate a petition and coordinate fundraising efforts to support mounting calls for her to be voted out of office in the upcoming election cycle.

Poll shows rebounding Trump support

In a recent campaign email to supporters, Bouchard wrote: “I’m asking MAGA Americans to help me ‘Impeach’ Liz Cheney next election when we the people, FIRE her!”

He went on to declare that she “backstabbed President Trump” by voting in favor of impeachment.

“Our country is on the line,” the state lawmaker concluded. “Weak-kneed Deep-state ‘Republicans’ like Liz Cheney and her fellow pro-impeachment pal Mitt Romney won’t save this country.”

Of course, the election is still nearly two years away and some pundits believe the impeachment will have long been overshadowed by the time the congressional primary campaign starts. Others believe that the establishment wing of the GOP, including Cheney, will regain influence in the party over that of the movement brought on by the Trump administration.

That might be wishful thinking, though, considering the results of a recent Morning Consult poll that found Trump’s support within the Republican Party has already returned to pre-impeachment levels after dipping over the past several weeks.

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23 Responses

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  2. Everyone knows that those RINOS are the lowest form of humanity……The worst one is Romney, the RINO that lost on purpose to BO……..No one in their right mind will ever vote for Romney again……..

    Never knew Mormons were so devious……….

    1. He is not really a Mormon, he is just like he is in politics, claim to be Mormon so the Mormons will vote for him but in fact he is a Rino there too and just like in politics he pretends to be a Republican so he can vote Democrat…Rino. Most Mormon’s know him too well so they will not vote for him again.

  3. At least former President Trump was fighting for the people of this country, unlike the Demoncrats who unfairly elected themselves . Their ignorant move has only proven beyond a doubt that voting in this country on any level is a very useless effort and at least temporarily has destroyed any faith in our present government. We as citizens are on our own, being pushed into a fight or lay down and whimper life style.

  4. FANTASTIC. These Rino’s are just as bad as DemoRats. There are a few good Republican Politicians but the vast majority needs to go. Our country is turning into a 3rd world country under Bitme and his Ho Vice president and these Law Makers are allowing it to happen. Most all Republicans Law Makers are cowards who hide under their desk and do nothing.

  5. Rid us of these enemies within, I quit donating to the gop years ago as they
    never helped the honest, good guys only the ones on the edge, I donate to
    the individual only.

    Have always felt there were lots of rinos in our party and have they ever come
    out of the woodwork, which I am thankful for, now we know who to flush out
    President Donald Trump not only flush them but deal with then as the traitors they are.

    For the first time in history, give us a pure honest Republican Party or let it
    be the Patriot Party.

  6. Mr. President Trump whatever you need I live in Northport Florida and if you need help with anything to take down these idiots that lied about you we’re all in it for you we want you back God bless you sir God bless Rush Limbaugh’s family God bless America God bless our flag God bless our troops and God bless you and your wife Melania and your family

  7. I don’t know how republicans will in the next decade or so win elections. The coup against Trump convinced many GOP voters that the system is rigged. The slimeball dems have every Federal agency icluding thd FBI and DOJ along with the spineless SCOTUS and msm behind them. The coward GOP in Congress even voted for the fraud certification. So, why should the voters back anymore GOP politicians? Hey folks, don’t you think the corrupt dems are already figuring out how to cheat in 2022? They have all the corrupt agencies in government on their side so they can”t lose.

    1. Listen, never give up. YES, we need to get rid of these RINO’S and DO NOTHING REPUBLICANS and to replace them with fresh blood. President Trump will be out on the campaign trail in 2022 and those candidates that he backs I will back. I have always said, “if you vote the main benefit you have is the right to b.tch. if you don’t vote you have no right at all to say anything” and God knows I LOVE TOO B.TCH….

  8. Hey, you RINOs, don’t say Trump is vindictive as YOU started it, overreacting as non Team Players.
    There was much more going on during the Summer and where were you?
    All this was pre-planned by the Left and you STILL have those blinders on. Disgusting.

  9. We definitely will NOT forget how people quickly changed sides. We the People are no longer silent & are very aware of who stands for righteousness & truth and those that do not. This isn’t a game, it’s American lives and the freedoms we love. And it’s not just for this generation but for generations to come. Evil will not stand.

  10. AMEN TO ALL THAT! Now if you want to get rid of Rinos as you say and Dems, we have to work fast for 2 years, do it legally, do it right. Change .org can help big time, make petitions, recalls, and impeachments. Go there and look through everything, it is worthwhile. One at a time or more can go down, there.

    1. Are you saying to use or follow ? Are not they who backed Barack Obama in the 2008 election ? Be careful whom you back ! Don’t have a short memory ! Do not be fooled by someone’s camouflage !!! Do not back RINOs !!!!!

    1. The most important person to go to the chopping block is Pelosi, our president for many years now. A great portion of the rabid laws enacted in our nation, such as abortion at any stage of contraception and birth have not only inflamed most decent people but a Holy God as well. What we have allowed ourselves to come to under her leadership has certainly not been anything but the tools of Satan and it needs to quit!

  11. Does anyone care that our country is going down the tubes. It is becoming a third world communist liberal society that is being brainwashed every day im the media and especially in our school systems. They start with the young ones and the propaganda keeps growing till brother will turns against brother and sisters will follow. We have to unite and fight these commies. China and the Squad are leading our country into a large black hole which will mean we will be paying taxes up the whazoo and getting nothing in return but censorship and intolerance; and we already lost free speech as everything is politically incorrect and we have to speak the SWAMP language or you’re cancelled or fired. What is the first amendment. I want to say anything I feel and I am absolutely astonished that they are making our country into a black culture and history that never even occurred. They are putting the white race into 7 categories and what will they do to the latinos next. Throw them in the swamp. We need help. Where are all the billionaires when it comes to fighting for the right conservatives. The left owns everything. We need a bail out money or we will have nothing but poverty. God help us and God bless America.

  12. I agree with Elaine E ! If this joke of an administration believed in what it preaches, we would be seeing orders that reflect that; however, we are seeing the opposite. Bring our business man, TRUMP, back so we can be the USA again. I pray that there will be a true investigation of election fraud and when disclosed, they can oust those in illegally! Wouldn’t that be great!

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