Report: Trump mulling plans to launch new political party

A new report alleges that President Donald Trump has talked with allies about ending his tenure as a Republican and forming a new party after his relationships with key GOP figures have deteriorated in recent weeks.

Sources told the Wall Street Journal that Trump discussed the idea of launching a new party with aides last week, and that he wanted to call it the “Patriot Party.”

Serious consideration of a new party comes as GOP leaders like Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) have blamed Trump for inciting violence at the Capitol earlier this month, and Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) and nine other Republicans voted with House Democrats to impeach him over the claims, the Washington Examiner reported.

McConnell has even suggested he’s open to voting to convict Trump in an upcoming Senate impeachment trial, ostensibly meant to remove a president who is already gone.

“We will be back”

Trump, for his part, told his supporters this week that they haven’t seen the end of him as a political figure, but his vagueness about the form of his return left the door wide open for the launch of a third party.

“We will be back in some form,” Trump said before flying to Mar-a-Lago on Wednesday ahead of Biden’s inauguration ceremony, according to the Examiner.

Others have speculated that Trump could run as a Republican in 2024, or that he might start his own conservative media company to challenge Fox News, which faced criticism in the wake of November’s election for its handling of the results and its treatment of Trump’s claims of voter irregularities.

Forbes noted that social media and internet searches for “third party” and “Patriot Party” exploded after the Wall Street Journal story broke, and that a page called Patriot Party already had 95,000 followers on Twitter.

A look ahead

Still, the Daily Wire reported that top Republicans had told the outlet they thought a new party was a bad idea and would only split GOP votes, effectively ensuring that Democrats would win every election.

Conventional wisdom agrees with these Republicans, but it’s possible that if a significant number of moderate Democrats decide to move back to a Trumpless Republican Party that they think fits their ideals, Trump could take the 40% to 45% of all voters who still back him and win over both established parties in the next election.

Particularly if Biden and Harris move far to the left and the Republican Party doesn’t try very hard to stop them, there could be an opening for a more conservative party that would get the kind of support needed to win congressional seats and even the presidency.

Copyright experts say Trump could have trouble with the “Patriot Party” name, but here’s another idea: call it the America First Party. A name like that could give the movement Trump created a lasting legacy and make a strong statement that tens of millions of Americans are sick of the political status quo in this country.

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46 Responses

  1. The electoral college was set up as a two party system to ensure that ONLY a Democrat or a Republican will win an election! So the independents and the libertarians or a third party would have to win 80% of the popular vote to win! Sadly, it’ll never happen. No way any candidate could get the necessary 270 electoral votes. At that point the decision would go to the house. Who the hell do you think that they would pick??????????
    Dan Bongino explains this in his Episode 1436…..WATCH IT!!!!!

    1. Look it this way, both congresses, House and Senate, who run as “Trump Party” will win based only on number of votes: so I bet Trump Party will get more seats probably at least 55% to 60% of seats. So that said I won’t worry about it as long as Trump put America and Americans first which I believe that he always will.

    1. No third party, strengthen the current Republican Party!!!
      McConnell, if you vote to impeach, your political career is OVER!!! Perhaps you should rethink your comments.

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  3. If trump starts a real American party we conservatives would follow. The communist demorat party and the wimpy republican party are a joke and it’s time for a good cleansing

  4. I think that it might be an uphill battle unless we also nominate candidates from the Patriots Party to congress and the Senate.

  5. I hope President Trump builds a hugely successful new Political Party and a hugely successful new Television Show. I have been a Republican and a devoted Republican Voter all my life, but I am very weary of back stabbing self serving Republicans such as those who stabbed President Trump in the back. I will always regret the one vote that I cast for Mitt Romney. That was the worst vote of my life.

    1. I regretted supporting the Bushes , Romney and McCain who became envious and nonsupport of Pres Trump. I was an avid Republican but despised the turncoat Republican

  6. I pray that something will trigger the human side of Dems and Reps alike to remind them that The words FOR THE PEOPLE stands for something. Term limits need to be out into motion to hold all accountable.

    1. Never happen. Communists have bought them. What we need is a cleansing. We must eradicate the commie elements and crucify the Chinese.

  7. I like the idea of a new party, and if every republican who truly believes in america first policies left the GOP because they do not agree with the RINO`s in our republican party ,I believe the majority would have to switch their allegiance totally to the new party, I really do not care what they call this new party ,we must first weed out every damn Rino in it , and make sure we vote politicians into this new party that will not betray their constituents like the ROMNEYS, CHEYNEYS, KINZINGERS,MACE`s, and McCONNELLS of this world, and many ,many more both ,past and present deep state swamp creatures Paul the Jarhead 79-82

    1. I know I’ll be switching to Trump’s party if it happens – although, if I stay registered republican, I can really help screw up the party of RINOs.

  8. When gas hits 4 to 5 dollars a gallon, the illegals are brought in and jobs go away for real Americans, and Iran is given free reign then lets start the new party. I believe we coulsd get 60 t0 70 % of the voters to join.

    1. James, lets put the oil back into the OPEC countries hands ,lose hundreds of thousands of american jobs ,destroy our economy even more ,just give Iran the nuclear bomb,give Iran more plane loads of cash to kill more Americans, and give up our oil independence to support these globalist, communists ,anti-american people that only seek the destruction of our country ,WHY not ? I do not believe there is one patriotic democrat in WASHINGTON DC ,what a sad country we have become!!!!!!THIS COMMENT GOOGLE IS NOT A DUPLICATE

  9. Don`t feel bad, I voted for him also, I to am now sorry I ever voted for the Bush`s also , if I only knew then what I know now!!!! PAUL THE PATRIOT THIS is not a duplicate statement , put it back up Google

  10. The electoral college two party system thing is concerning but maybe there is a way. Our politicians seem to find ways around things every day. Let’s go America and find a new way! I think that is what our forefathers did?

  11. Face it, we are no longer united. This country is nothing like our founders dreamed of. There is no unity and there will not be any. Best we could hope for without any blood shed is to separate all the states and let them be their own countries. For the first year, anyone can move anywhere once they see what their area has become and after that, they will have to go thru the immigration policy of that place they decide to go so they are happy with the values and policies of another place. Yes, there are some problems, but it can all be worked out by agreement (such as military protection).

  12. Hey folks….. a 3rd party won’t work. Trump has common sense. He’s just playing with the idiots in the deep state.

    1. Thank You Lee! I’m happy that someone finally agrees that a third party isn’t the answer. Read my post above and you’ll know why!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Vote for a third party regardless. The establishment (R) party is less than worthless, shameful. Destruct! Mitt is twice as bad for America as ANY Democrat in the entire congress.

    1. The electoral college was set up as a two party system to ensure that ONLY a Democrat or a Republican will win an election! So the independents and the libertarians or a third party would have to win 80% of the popular vote to win! Sadly, it’ll never happen. No way any candidate could get the necessary 270 electoral votes. At that point the decision would go to the house. Who the hell do you think that they would pick?????????? It will guarantee a Dem win!!!!!
      Dan Bongino explains this in his Episode 1436…..WATCH IT!!!!!

  14. I’m with you Trump… the Republican Party is dead, they are there in name only as they continually side with the Democrats. Well they are going to get what they deserve. You are a civilian again and they can’t keep you from running again since you have already left office. When you get ready to launch a new party, I’m with you 100%.

    I am so tired of the House and Senate Republicans and Democrats lying, cheating and in bed with China and other countries.

    1. Oh and by the way…..Biden did not win the election. Anyone could have won when China sent millions of ballots into the country to mess with elections, when the polls closed, Trump was ahead…. then the extra votes starting poring in (they have video) and it would up Dementia Joe won.


  15. Where ever Trump goes I*’ll be there he the best of all Presidents that we have had. His son Donald is very much like his father so I feel he would also be great. His daughter could be the 1st woman President

  16. MAGA Party or Patriot Party, matters not what the name is, it aught to have about 74 Million members when it starts up.

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