Poll: Trump leads Biden by 10 points with independent voters

While President Donald Trump experienced some discouraging poll results over the summer, new numbers suggest that he’s turning things around. What’s more, the reason for that change appears to be out in the streets.

A new survey commissioned by Yahoo! News and conducted by YouGov has some good news for the president, as it shows his Democratic rival leading nationally by only 6 percentage points.

When asked who they planned to vote for, 47 percent of respondents said former Vice President Joe Biden whereas 41 percent planned to cast a ballot for the incumbent. Eight percent were undecided and the remainder said they support another candidate or will not show up on election day.

But among independent voters, Trump has a big lead — 44 percent of independent voters said they were voting for Trump; just 34 percent plan to vote for Biden.

More older voters support Trump

When voters are broken down by age, Trump finds his strongest base of support among voters who are over 65, of whom 52 percent said they will vote for him. In contrast, younger voters appear drawn to the former vice president, who has the backing 57 percent of those between the ages of 18 and 29.

Fifty percent of white voters are behind Trump compared to just 40 percent who favor Biden. Trump is also supported by 11 percent of African Americans and 34 percent of Hispanics. While those numbers may seem low, both are considered relatively good for a Republican candidate: in 2012, exit polls showed that Republican nominee Mitt Romney won just 6 percent of the black vote.

More voters see Trump as being strong than empathetic

In terms of personal qualities, Trump was said to exhibit “strength” by 38 percent of respondents, compared with 26 percent who regard him as showing “responsibility” and 19 percent who think that he exhibits “empathy.”

Conducted between August 27 and 28, the survey represents a significant improvement for Trump: another YouGov poll from July had the president trailing Biden by 9 points.

One possible reason for the change in opinion could be the recent outbreak of violence linked to the Black Lives Matter protests that have been seen in cities such as Minneapolis, Chicago, Portland, and Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Both Vice President Biden and running mate Sen. Kamala Harris have embraced the movement, with Harris telling late-night host Stephen Colbert that protests “will not stop and should not stop.”

One Twitter user wrote on Saturday, “As an independent, I voted for Hillary in 16. I’ll be voting for Trump come November. I live just outside Milwaukee and what I saw in Kenosha this past week put me over the edge.”

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