Trump Jr.: Pelosi’s latest coronavirus package proves Democrats support open borders

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s latest coronavirus ploy exposes the truth that Democrats support open borders, Donald Trump Jr. wrote in an op-ed for The Hill on Wednesday.

The president’s eldest son called out the Democrat leader from California for seeking to give undocumented migrants the same $1,200 checks American workers received as part of a previous COVID-19 relief package, arguing Wednesday that the effort proves that Democrats are officially “the party of illegal immigration” and care more about illegal immigrants than citizens.

Pelosi’s wish list

Led by Pelosi, House Democrats passed a new $3 trillion coronavirus stimulus bill along party lines earlier this month, and Republicans instantly rejected it as a”wish list” of progressive fantasies, including $1,200 relief checks for those in the country unlawfully, Fox News reported.

As Don Jr. notes in his op-ed, an amendment to get rid of the benefit was shot down mostly along party lines.

Pelosi’s bill also includes protections to shield illegal laborers from deportation, and to make legal exceptions for the employers who exploit their labor, according to Fox.

But according to Don Jr., the legislation is just more evidence that Democrats think that illegal immigrants should be treated just like American citizens, with all of the privileges that being a citizen entails.

“Democrats want to allow them to become American citizens and vote in our elections, not in spite of but because of their own decision to break our laws. Democrats want the government to give illegal aliens welfare, schools, health care, and public services, all paid for by taxpayers,” he wrote Wednesday. “Now they want to hand each of them $1,200 in this pandemic as yet another reward for their transgressions.”

Ignoring the people

Really, this is nothing new: Democrats have been blurring the lines between those lawfully and unlawfully in the country for years. But as Don Jr. notes, the left’s support of illegal immigration has only gotten more extreme since his dad entered the political fray five years ago. (During the 2020 Democratic primary debates, Dems criticized none other than Barack Obama for deporting illegal immigrants, a report from the Associated Press noted at the time.)

Indeed, Democrats have converged on the position that illegal immigration is benign and not alone a grounds for deportation, and that it’s “racist” to withhold benefits from those in the country unlawfully, Trump Jr. argued.

“Support for open borders is not a byproduct of Democratic principles or policies. It is a principle, and it is a policy. The party has now made this official,” the president’s son wrote Wednesday.

According to Pew Research Center, Americans are strongly opposed to giving financial relief to illegal migrants impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

But what is good for Americans hasn’t stopped Pelosi from barreling forward with an anti-American agenda. The Democrats simply don’t care about the American people.

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