Trump plays montage of Biden ‘gaffes’ at MAGA rally

Former President Donald Trump played a humiliating video of Joe Biden’s “gaffes” during a MAGA rally in Nevada, and the crowd loved it.

The crowd started chanting “Joe’s gotta go!” after the video finished.

Trump plays humiliating Biden video

The montage spliced together various clips of Biden wandering aimlessly, losing his train of thought, and vocalizing incoherently.

Highlights include Jill Biden helping her husband put on his jacket and Biden tripping up the steps to Air Force One, as cartoonish sound effects play. Biden’s often disconcerting comments are also featured, including his recent remarks asking for the whereabouts of the late congressman Jackie Walorski and his infamously creepy “hairy legs” speech.

Nation in decline

While poking fun at Biden, Trump struck a somber note throughout much of his speech as he described the state of the country under his successor.

Streets in Democrat cities are “drenched in the blood of innocent victims,” Trump said, citing a deadly stabbing spree in Las Vegas by an illegal immigrant suspect. 

“This is an invasion. This is an invasion of our country, this is like a military invasion and probably worse because with a military invasion, we can fight back. With this invasion, nobody fights back,” Trump said. 

Regime crackdown no laughing matter

Meanwhile, Biden is turning America into a “police state” by weaponizing law enforcement against conservatives, Trump said, urging supporters to “stand up to this growing tyranny” in the upcoming midterm elections, which he described as a “tipping point” for the nation.

“He [Biden] can’t speak clearly, he can’t think clearly, so he tells law enforcement, ‘you have to do something about this guy he’s killing me’,” Trump said of the Biden administration’s investigations into Trump.

As dire as things might be, Trump told supporters they have an opportunity to “humiliate” Biden by throwing Democrats out of power in November.

“With your vote you can humiliate Joe Biden, although he’s pretty much been humiliated already,” Trump quipped.