Trump pollster says former president will win re-election in 2024

Many wonder whether Joe Biden’s collapse is a prelude to Donald Trump’s comeback. One pollster close to Trump says, “yes.”

John McLaughlin tells Just the News that Trump will “come back, and he will be elected” in 2024. 

Trump comeback?

McLaughlin cited several factors, including Biden’s disastrous unpopularity, the growing probability of a red wave election next week, and Trump’s continued dominance in the GOP primary field.

“There’s only one person that can beat Donald Trump, and that’s Donald Trump,” McLaughlin said.

“But if Donald Trump keeps playing it smartly and correctly, as he’s done over the past two years, like Ronald Reagan, he will come back, and he will be elected.”

Public confidence in Biden has collapsed as the economy spirals, and Biden’s continued cognitive challenges raise doubts about his fitness. Despite his weaknesses, Biden is likely the most formidable 2024 challenger Democrats have at the moment.

A recent Harvard CAPS-Harris poll found that Trump would beat Biden in a rematch by two points, 45 to 43 percent. The same poll found that Trump would trounce Biden’s vice president, Kamala Harris, by more than 10 points.

Will Biden try to jail Trump?

But McLaughlin predicted that Biden will not run for re-election, citing the sour mood of the electorate.

“Our most recent national poll last week had 65% of all voters saying that the country’s on the wrong track,” he said. “And of those that thought the country was on the wrong track, 67% blame Joe Biden.”

If Trump were to win a second term, he would be the second president since Grover Cleveland to serve non-consecutive terms. He could also become, many speculate, the first American president in history to be criminally charged.

Trump, who has flirted with running in 2024, has blasted criminal investigations by his rival’s administration as an attempt to kneecap his political aspirations. In the meantime, Trump is continuing to help the GOP ahead of the critical midterm elections.

“So President Trump is definitely the Republican frontrunner. It’s his nomination. And I think, correctly, what he’s doing right now is he’s he’s out there rallying, trying to get voters out for the Republicans,” McLaughlin said.