Trump critic Michael Rapaport blasts John Oliver over assertion that system is ‘rigged’ against Dems

While their disapproval of President Donald Trump unites many entertainers on the left, there are still plenty of squabbles between celebrities regarding how to address the topic.

One such disagreement played out in actor Michael Rapaport’s recent attack on comedian John Oliver, who argued on a recent episode of his HBO series that the U.S. political structure is “rigged” against Democrats, as reported by Breitbart.

“The system is already rigged”

Oliver offered a particularly bleak take during his on-air monologue earlier this week, particularly in regard to the rise of Amy Coney Barrett as Trump’s nominee to replace the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

“The unavoidable truth here is that the system is already rigged,” the comic asserted. “And it’s rigged in a way that has allowed a party without popular support to drastically reshape an entire branch of government for the foreseeable future by appealing almost exclusively to white voters in some of the least populous regions of the country.”

Using a combination of vulgar and apocalyptic language, Oliver went on to claim that the upcoming confirmation vote “is not a mandate and it’s not democracy” but is a “travesty.”

At least one outspoken Trump critic was not convinced.

Rappaport, known for his vulgar social media rants against the president, turned his attention to the HBO personality.

“We are going to be fine”

“When I hear a f—ing guy like John Oliver, with his f—ing glasses, whining. … I respect John Oliver,” he said. “But when I hear this f—ing four-eyed f— with his Scottish accent … saying things are basically hopeless. Shut the f— up, John Oliver.

Of course, his comments should not suggest any change of heart for a man who has recently called first lady Melania Trump a “dumb animal” and expressed an apparent desire to see the president’s son, Barron, contract the coronavirus.

Nevertheless, he implored Oliver to recognize that everything will be “fine” again even if Trump is re-elected and has a chance to make another Supreme Court nomination.

“That’s coming from me, who is pessimistic,” Rapaport continued. “We are going to be fine, whoever SCOTUS is, whoever wins, whether it’s cadaver Joe or d—stain Donald Trump, we’re going to be f—ing fine. Are you even from here? We got it, we’re tough, OK? We’re going to be f—ing fine, stop whining.”

While criticism of the president is all too common among the Hollywood elite, public outbursts like this provide some variation.

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