Before accusing Trump of ‘incitement,’ Dem Reps. Raskin, Swalwell used ‘fight’ rhetoric to rally supporters

As House Democrats seek to prosecute Donald Trump for “incitement of insurrection,” many conservatives have defended him by pointing to cases where Democrats have used inflammatory political rhetoric. But the comparison is more than just superficial.

Ironically, the very Democrats now leading the case against Trump, including Rep. Jamie Raskin (D), have used phrases like “fight like hell” to galvanize their supporters, according to reports.

Democrats have zeroed in on a few soundbites as they seek to argue that Trump provoked a riot at the Capitol, with one phrase — “fight like hell” — coming up again and again. But the same Democrats have used identical or nearly identical rhetoric to excite the liberal base, the so-called Trump War Room pointed out, according to the New York Post.

“I’ll fight like hell”

When Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died in September, Raskin, who is leading the House’s team of impeachment managers, encouraged his followers to “fight like hell” to stop an “assault” on health care and abortion rights by Republicans, the Post reported.

In 2017, Raskin called for an investigation into the debunked Russia collusion hoax — which, it is worth noting, involved falsely claiming that an election was stolen, something Democrats are now accusing Trump of having done. “This is our Democracy — fight for it,” the Democrat said, according to Fox News.

After Robert Mueller concluded his investigation in 2019, noted collusion truther Eric Swalwell (D-CA) said he would “fight like hell” to make sure the Mueller report saw the light of day, as Fox reported. “I’ll fight like hell to make sure that we see this report whether it’s organizing again, whether it’s using my lungs, whether it’s out-maneuvering with our minds, the American people are going to see this report,” the congressman said.

Begging the question

Democrats and their allies have generally argued that Trump’s rhetoric is not comparable to the extreme language of Democratic politicians like Maxine Waters (D-CA), claiming that Democrats have not inspired political violence.

Some have seemed to reach for an argument along the lines of “incitement only counts if people get hurt,” a somewhat contrived, cynical, and not totally honest claim that seems to beg the question.

For one thing, political violence coming from the left is not hard to find, with critics such as Rand Paul (R-KY) pointing to this summer’s riots and the near-fatal shooting of Republican lawmaker Steve Scalise (LA) by a supporter of failed Democratic presidential primary candidate Bernie Sanders (VT).

It’s a bit presumptuous to dismiss out of hand any connection between these incidents and the rhetoric of Democrats, to say the least.

Of course, Raskin and his allies could always say that they didn’t mean “fight like hell” literally. But they’d have to concede that maybe Trump didn’t, either. If they’re going to make this a linchpin of their case, they can’t have it both ways.

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24 Responses

  1. This whole impeachment is based on hate and the freedom that some democrats have taken to illegally carry this through. Is sad, that we the people have allowed this to happen. Weather, you’re Democrat, republican or other party, think how this hate has twisted minds into doing wrong without control or barriers. Any citizen can be persecuted for believing in doing the right thing and be nailed to the cross for speaking out. Please get rid of this HATE, And let’s live in PEACE!

    1. The demon rats have done more damage than Trump everything they are accusing him of they have done themselves if not worse they are a evil bunch of losers who had to lie and cheat to get in they only care about getting Trump in trouble they know what they have done to America and remember God knows all

      1. Great response, so very true, hatred begets hatred, evil begets evil, the Democrats are demons from HE-L

        1. You are correct, all they wanted was to try and hang Trump. They were the ones that cheated,lied, had terriorest looting, burning, stealing. Call they wanted was to finish him off. Look at Harris, she was having people pay to get thugs out of jail, to vote for Biden. Then Maxine waters wanted Dems to attack reps, Schumer said attack people over the supreme court.

  2. The demonRats have enjoyed the protection for anything they say and do by the liberal national media for so long that they forgot that the coverage that has protected them is not there when they determined to take Donald Trump down thru public impeachment. where all America has seen 1st hand their over the top accusations. 95 % of American’s have expressed their support for Donald Trump and most of them are solidly behind him. That does not bode well for them and I think there will a time when those citizens will let their disgust public, probably at the polls.

    1. Yes, in 2 years, many Demo rats will lose as long as we have a fair election, President Trump won this past election, senile Old man Biden did not win legally
      I will never support him or the left 🤬

      1. I also can never call this sleazy mindless and proven very corrupt snake a president of anything more than the outhouse in his backyard in Delaware. He is a pure liar and freak!

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  4. Does this mean that when the impeachment fails, democrats and rinos will be removed from office and never allowed to run again?

  5. The Democrats obcessive compulsive disorder for President Trump is the result of their political correctness disease. And there hatred for the America peoples voting power.

  6. What about Pelosi ripping up President Trumo’s speech on national television! Her rolling her eyes and irritation and annoyance during the speech if that wasn’t showing blatant disrespect and how to respond to someone you dislike on national television, she set a presidence of disrespect toward our President. Pelosi was allowed to be disrespectful with no repercussion. Where was the outrage obviously ignored by the media as well as her cohorts. Shame on them!

    1. Susan you are correct, that display of disrespect should have been addressed,
      I was told President Trumps address to the Nation is government property! So why did she get away with it, corruption
      Lead by her, I can not wait for the day she is gone and it can’t be soon enough🤬🤬

      1. Nancy Pelosi has done more damage to this country than any other leader! She is evil, hate filled, demonic, sinful , lying Catholic who believes in killing babies and selling body parts! Open borders for the trafficking of the immigrants! How does a human being become this rotten without being absolutely pure evil! What a very very sad day for this county. We have to waste more time to defend our freedom with a highly hypocritical, angry old woman who holds way too much power. She has caused more tyranny in this country and should ce held responsible for treason.

        1. I’ve tried to post 3 times for everyone but they block it.
          I’m trying to tell people this is not a political battle..this is a battle between God vs Satan..goid vs evil.
          Search hard for the stars, music, spirts, media..they are all in this..theyre not hiding it anymore..look for signs & symbols..remember trumps promise to go after human traffickers ( children)
          Search & share

  7. It has been a nonstop attempt to get of Trump no matter what, no matter how, no matter what for- make it up if u have to. And then look at the double standards. The very things they tried to accuse Trump of, impeach him for, the Democrats have done. But no investigations, no consequences if you are a Democrat.
    And with the stroke of a pen, just turn over everything in a matter of days,anything Trump did- no matter what, just to revoke anything he did.
    God help America

  8. I think the whole demrats bunch need to be locked up they have forgotten that they work for us not the other way around plus they know the election was rigged and stolen from the American people but their days are coming and I hope all end up in prison just like Martha Nancy just made insider trade deal on Biden buying electric cars if that’s not insider trading then what is

      1. Search ‘Pelosi Insider Trades’ and you’ll find several articles regarding her and her husband’s shady dealings.

        1. Pelosi’s husband bought a bunch of Tesla stock the day before Biden signed a bill requiring the fleet of gov’t vehicles to be electric……Tesla stock went big because of it. Pelosi knew what the President was going to sign ahead of time. It certainly appears to be a case of insider knowledge.

  9. I say: Don’t forgive the Democrats. Remind them of who’s boss at the next election ……. Vote the Democrats out! Bring back the “t” Party. Or vote for independents! I’m thinking of changing affiliation to independent. I’m sick of this you vs me attitude. As an independent that hate should subside! LET’S SEE how that works out!


  11. Now there’s a group of ex-official Republicans who want to create another political, national party to go against Pres., Trump (when he runs again!). My opinion: they’ve joined hands w/the deplorable, double-standard, chronic liar, corrupt, demented, hate-monger democrats!
    There should be a test used for vetting ANYONE campaigning for public office to determine their mental & emotional maturity.
    And definitely have term limits for all, otherwise we’ll be subjected to the wiles of the greedy, otiose, self-serving miscreants forevermore, it seems! Indeed, God, HELP US!!!!

    Search..panda eyes, adrenacrome how and where it comes from..look for signs & symbols.
    This isn’t a political battle.. It’s about bringing down our history’s worst of the worst..this is about good vs evil..theyre not hiding it anymore. It’s in our face and they’re laughing..but not for much longer.. Search stars, spirts, music & media.. They’re All from same cloth and it is nothing but EVIL AT THE HIGHEST POINT.. TRUMP promised to bring the deep state cabal and stop human trafficking.( children)
    We have to stand together in the name of Jesus Christ.. The stronger we are, the weaker they get
    GOD BLESS you all

  13. Piglosi has to go! She is “ the enemy in the house”, not fit to be speaker! Call your representatives and demand her impeachment!

  14. It is time for the Republicans to start impeaching & bring up charges on all the Democrats who deserve it now!! There is so much evidence on so many of them please start using this info to get rid of them. Charges also need to be brought up on Obama, Clinton, Biden & Harris, theses criminals need to be put in prison NOW!

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